NWA Taking orders?


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Feb 6, 2007
I have sent a few PM's and Emails about ordering a Woodsman knife. No replies, but I see folks receiving knives? Is ordering not an option? I just received a Sierra Scout from another member and HAVE to have the woodsman to match.........MAD BUMMED!!!! The Scout is one of the nicest blades I have received in a long time. Very nice quality..... Will be slicing up some deer with it this year.
Maybe Nick is too busy at the moment?!
But it´s possible, to place an order!
If you are at facebook, you can add Nick. Sometimes he´s online there! ;)
I have had the same problem, except I have none to match! Must be some better way to contact this guy?
Hmmm, I, too, thought he was back and making a bunch of knives again. Peter, since you seem to be in contact with him, why don't you contact him for us and ask him to post his current contact information here in the forums? That way he doesn't lose out on all the potential BF buyers for lack of communication.
Hey Guys,

Nick is one of my buddies and we just live across town from each other. He is still alive, kicking and making some of the best knives you have ever seen. Like me, he just rarely visits the forums anymore. If you want to contact him, e-mail is the best way to get him.

nwahome15 at yahoo dot com