NYC Knife Show

I know it's being held at the NY Sheraton Nov 5-7 but I'm hoping someone can give me information about the show itself. How does it compare with the ECCKS? What is the exhibitor mix of knife companies vs. custom makers? How many exhibitors? etc.




Oct 6, 1998
I hope last year's show won't set a trend. There weren't as many makers or vendors at that show as there were in '97. Some of those who were missing supposedly went to the Contemporary Metal Werks Expo which takes place at the same time. There seems to be more using knives available in the NYCKS and more artsy knives in the ECCKS. The latter is also bigger than the former. I like the NYCKS better because the knives are more within my price range and are using knives. Here's a partial list of makers/vendors who come to the NYCKS:
Chris Reeve
Busse Combat Knife Company
Robert Terzuola
Pat Crawford
Les Robertson
Ernest Emerson
Laci Szabo
Gil Hibben
Bob Dozier
I think Newt Livesay might be there this year.

Thanks, Greg. That's a pretty impressive lineup. I better start saving for it now.



I missed last years show, but I'm going to try my darnest to get there this year.

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Does anyone happen to have an extra table for the show. Bruce Crawley from Austraila would like to set up at the show but is being told there are no tables available. Bruce was one of the Aussie makers that was in an article in the Sept. issue of Blade Magazine. If you can help out in any way please email me.


Tom Carey
Better get those home equity loans now before the rates go up again. I already have stuff from half of the makers above, within a month I'll have a KFF. I'm especially looking forward to meeting Messieurs Reeve and Crawford, their ability, dedication and character should inspire us all. I have a black Kwaiken that should be here next week but I want Mr. Martin to stay home in his shop to reduce his backlog (hahaha).
See ya in Yankeetown!
Can anybody tell me which Sheraton the show is at? Woking in my wife to go to this one, would appreciate any help.

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It's at the Sheriden New York. There is another Sheriden directly across the street.
I stay in NY often and find very good rates at the Best Western President at 48th st.
or the Days Hotel midtown. Nothing fancy though. It wouldn't hurt to call the number listed for the show and ask if there are rooms availible at a show rate.
Don't overlook Broadway as a way to convince the wife to take the trip. All the big plays are just a short distance from the hotel as well as them fantastic lights, carriage rides
and great cheesecake. :) Loved Miss Saigon and Les Miserables.
Unfortunately the show tickets are $75 to $80 each for the best seats. Might bite into the knife budget tell her she has to buy the show tickets.:)
It's at the Sheraton New York- on 7th Ave- 1 block over from Broadway- I'm a little bummed that the show is always the same weekend as the Metal Werks Expo- splits the talent between coasts- but it's a worthwhile show- I'll be taking a half "Comp Day" on the Friday it opens- & it's 2 blocks from my office! BTW, any Forumites in the NYC area interested in trying to set up a Kali seminar (if Guro Frank Ortega is available)and/or Social Event for that weekend? Could be a chance to sit & chat & put faces to the names-

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