Nylon sebenza sheath

Aug 8, 2002
Do any of you have any ideas as to where I would be able to find a few of the Nylon sheaths made by Gfeller casemakers for Large Sebenzas?

For those of you who do not know what I am talking about, I have attached a pic of one.
I would be willing to pay top dollar for them.

Thanks for the help.
Not sure about those but I thought I would throw this in; TADGear has a great sheath that fits the Sebbie perfectly. It is the S1 model. Her's a pic of it.

Just a question, when were these made, around 1994-ish?

Best Scouting wishes,

The sheath he has shown was shipped by CRk with all of their "P" marked Sebenzas so I would assume around 1992. I have several of them but unfortunately they all have a "P" to go with them so :rolleyes: no extras.
artsig1, I'll look into that and keep that option open, but I'd really prefer one of the CRK sheaths. Thanks.

Bagheera, acording to The good folks at CRK, they were offered as an option up until 1998.

Raindrop, :p
I bought a sebenza from raindrop a year or two ago. He's a great guy to deal with.

Thanks again.