O.T. Cataract Surgery? Link to Community.

May 18, 1999
I'm posting a LINK to a thread I posted in the Community Forum and would like anyone here that may have information about cataract surgery to respond to it as well.:D
Thanks for looking.:)
Nov 24, 1999
I had cataracts removed from both eyes the end of last year. One eye in November, the other in December.

I wore bifocals before and it got to the point I had to have more and more lights and get closer to my work to see anything.

After surgery I was 20/20 in distance and a little better in reading distance.

I found the procedure to be very uncomfortable but tolerable. After all, you are awake for part of it. I did have a number of floaters in one eye as a result of the surgery, but the Dr. removed most of the big ones with a laser and the others went away.

It's been 1 year now and everything is great. Distant vision is still 20/20 and still the same at reading distance.

Good luck on yours
Al P.