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Oct 3, 1998
Got a couple things to say. OceanMaster is a Taiwan front company that sells diving equipment. For two years they have been trying to build a Beta Titanium dive knife. They now claim that they have, but, we recently purchased one and tested it. The reason being is that there is no way to retail a beta titanium knife for $100.

Guess what, we were right. We purchased one at a local dive shop and tested it. (a) hardness 32RC, metallurgical analysis - the lab stated that they couldn't determine the exact grade, but it definately WAS NOT beta titanium.

At the DEMA (Diving Equipment Manufactuers Association) show that is currently going on, OceanMasters has yet again, pulled a first...They are now claiming to have the world'd first all titanium folder.

How about them apples?
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