Ode to the CUDA Claw

Nov 4, 1998
She is a fine knife, my CUDA Claw
Not too big, not too small.
THe blade is just under 4",
8-1/2" overall

The action is nice and smooth,
Revealing her toothy Grin
Flicking her open and thumbing her closed,
it feels like a sin.

Her appetite for cutting
is something to admire
cardboard offers no resistance
I can cut till my arms retire

Fit and finish is okay
but one would expect more
For a knife that sells on Knifecenter
For 'round $124

Playing with her can be unsettling to some
Causing remarks of Fear and Awe
"It is my Camillus CUDA Claw"


My Mom carries three knives.
AKTI # A000348

great poem, but you have WAY too much time on your hands. either that or you're an english major

I did that off the top of my head...you should see the stuff I put effort into...

I used to want one of those. Your making me want one again...
Ditto what Tuff said

Just because I talk to myself does not mean I'm crazy. What's wrong with getting a second opinion?