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Of pocket clips and things . . .

Jan 19, 1999
On the subject of pocket clips . . . they seem to generate a "love them" or "hate them" reaction, the former because of experiences of lost, or nearly lost, knives.

I was wondering if any of the manufacturers had experimented with alternative clip mechanisms? One which springs (!) to mind is a mechanism used by the cellphone manufacturers where a spring loaded "female bracket" is attached to ones belt, and the cellphone's "male" protrusion (hell, this is sounding kinky!) is clipped into the bracket. It leaves the phone hanging loose from the bracket (i.e. no hassles when sitting or standing) and quickly and easily accessible. I can't believe it would be more expensive to make (the belt bracket must be an after-market mass produced item produced in their hundreds of thousands by someone) and the corresponding male portion must be cheaper than a clip (less sophisticated, only one holding screw).

Any comments from my fellow forumites . . . ?
Regards, HILTON

SOG uses an adjustable clip. I have one and it works well, but I prefer Spydies overall.

Walk in the Light,
I like the clip, and was afraid of loosing knives at first too. I used a small "pager bungee" for a few years. They work well, but give you limited distance with the knife unless you break them (just pull the knife hard away from the body). I needed my knife in a hurry so much that I kept breaking them and replacing them was getting expensive. A friend of mine used one of those big metal spring loaded key retracting holders on his knife, it gave him more mobility, but was heavier and next to impossible to break.

I thought of using something along that line as well but as you indecated the weight of it is a serios problem. So, the search goes on.
God Bless,