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Off Topic Discussion on Laws

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Oct 25, 2004
Many, many US laws on the books are antiquated.
-In Arkansas it is strictly prohibited for a resident to mispronounce the state name and a man can legally beat his wife, but not more than once a month.
-An old Boston law banned Native Americans from Boston, Mass until 2005. That's when former Gov. Mitt Romney signed a law repealing the ban.
- And so on.

Thank God for Officer's discretion.

Sometimes it works out.

I live in the bad part of town. (The whole damned town is bad if you ask me, but this is the "bad" part.) I walk to work. It's a few blocks. Currently I'm working the graveyard shift, so it's not the best time of day to be wandering around. Now, I work in a federal facility and cannot bring a firearm with me, as there's no place to lock it up outside of the facility and I'm unwilling to stick it in a bush or something, so I'm left with a knife. But the knife laws are fairly restrictive here...except for knives carried by craftsmen for work. As it so happens, I'm a craftsman and I'm on my way to work. Now I can carry something that's large enough to actually do some harm should the need arise, but won't get me into trouble with my employers - who have a significantly more relaxed view toward such things, interestingly enough.

Those archaic laws can be annoying, but make sure to read them all. Sometimes they've already given you an out.
Not open for further replies.