Off topic post. Kimchee!!!!

May 18, 1999
Barb found the recipe this


Cut ends and seperate leaves from 2 heads of Napa Cabbage; wash and rinse.
Alternately layer cabbage and a handfull of salt in a pan. Let set for an hour and a half.
Turn over and let set for another hour.
Rinse cabbage four or five tmes in cold water to remove salt.

Chop 1 bunch of green onions, 1 head of garlic, more if you like, and a little fresh ginger to taste.
Hand toss these with 1 cup dried hot pepper flakes( available at Asian markets) 2 Tablespoons sugar, Salt to taste and enough water to moisten and make juice.
Pack in jars, seal and allow to set at room temperature or in a garage for 24 hours.
Refregerate until use.

Happy Kimchee eating!!!!!!!:D:D:D:D

edited for letting the kimchee set for 24 hours after it is sealed in jars.
Dayum it all any way and I thought I was really being careful.
I double checked it again and it's all correct now.:)

MAHALO NUI LOA:D :D !! My wife and I used to LOVE eating Kim Chee when we lived in Maui! You haven't live till you've had Chicked Katsu (deepfried, breaded with a spicy brown dipping sauce), Hawaiian Macaroni salad, and Kim Chee!! Oh so ONO! Makes my mout- wattah, Brah! Tanks eh! :D :D :D :D :)
Screwed up!!!!!!:(

I didn't add that it was supposed to set at room temp or in a garage for 24 hours.

I will go back and edit it for anyone else so it will be correct.

Sorry 'bout that, I thought I was really being careful too!!!!
BillP, if you ever head north, go to the first traffic light past Indian Springs;), go straight thru it to the stop sign and turn left ( south ) on A street ( we have two A streets next to each other - BOTH two way ):D and then right onto West 3rd. and look for a white pickup with a "God, protect me from your followers".
Yvsa: Sounds tas-tee:D Just a few questions on the finer points, If you'd be so kind:

Being an ignoramus in the realm of cabbage :confused: Is napa cabbage summin' special or will other types suffice ( Don't know nuttin' bout NO cabbage:( ;) ??

You do mean the whole garlic bulb, correct? not just a clove?

When it's done do you mean store it in jars in the fridge or can them in mason jars for shelf storage?

Sorry to be 20 questions, but I might give this a go on the next opportune time (read: ndn time, probably)

interesting ( or not so interesting) sidebar, my wife said on a M*A*S*H episode the Korean villagers were burying Kimchee in the ground and the soldiers thought they were burying landmines! Don't know-- Kimchee could have a gut greande effect! :) :D


Well Craig I have to admit that when it comes to garlic Barb and me eat so much of it that we buy the jars of garlic by about a pint and a half I would guess and we put in the amount we prefer, easier that way, but if you're using the glove garlic, yes the whole thing, not just a clove and peeled and squashed or chopped of course, you can use a khukuri for that.:D
About the only time we use fresh garlic is when Barb roasts it with a little extra vrgin olive oil and rosemary and/or thyme sprinkled on top, You might say it was "Kicked up a
The Napa Cabbage is the leafy green cabbage with the sorta white ends sometimes or usually found next to the Bok Choy in the produce section of your favorite market.
And if you don't know what that is grab your produce manager and ask him about it.:)
The markets are getting better about putting signs up over most produce nowadays.

After it sets at room temp or garage temp for 24 hours put it in your fridge.
That much Napa Cabbage makes about 1/2 gallon of kimchee or so.
I sorta imagine if you left it out over 24 hours in a hot garage in sealed jars it might explode seeing as how it's continueing to ferment.
And someone might Think that was a landmine!!!!:D

I saw that episode of MASH as well.
I think one of our guys shot the Korean or was going to IIRC.:(

We finally found a Chinese Buffet that actually serves Kimchee, much to our delight.
Bro if you had of eaten more of the hot stuff all your life you wouldn't have had those ulcers.:D

Harry I'm LMRRAO!!!!!:p:D
We have a Korean place near us that makes Kimchee Soup! Now I LOVE hot stuff and that soup is yummy, but boy is that soup HOT! :eek:

Yvsa: Thanks for the clarification! I'm with you with the garlic consumption. We have a quart jar of the minced stuff in the fridge as well. It goes on practially everything, except cornflakes:barf: :) !

Yep, I'm sure the broad side of the Khuk blade would smash the crud out of garlic cloves, but I wonder which khuk would be best for dipping the garlic out of the jars? Maybe a small cobra or another perhaps without much of a belly, so you can maneuver inside the mouth of the jar ;) :D :D :D

24 hours huh?

I lived in korea for 4 years when I taught university there. I would watch my live in maids make kimchi and I guarantee ya, it sat in the earthen jars in my yard for more than 24 hours before we felt it was ready for tastin. Yvsa, did you know that there are more than 30 varieties of kimchi. everything from white kimchi to radish kimchi to my favorite water kimchi( Mul kimchi). The stuff just gets better as it sits in the cool earth maturing. Love the stuff!!!!!!! eat it daily!!!!!! always wishing I was back in Korea. Thanks for the recipe Yvsa. Maybe I'll ask my wife for some of her recipes and post one or two. Mul kimchi is something uncle could easily grow to love as it is more pungent than hot since it does not really contain pepper threads or goju chang (Red pepper paste)..:) By the way, you can find the earthen jars made for kimchi at your local korean supermarket. Bury it in the ground just below the lid line.
Dave F,

A Korean friend has made Kimchee soup that I've had a few times! Great stuff. That's about the best soup I've ever had.

OBTW, This time I was able to post with Opera without logging in again. :confused:

Sorry for the "avatar" with tie and all. It was the only pic I had handy on this computer. I'll have to get another one on soon. :p

Yangdu & I are the odd couple in several ways one of which is taste for hot. She routinely eats the jabanero peppers in amounts that would put me in the hospital. But for me I can tolerate spicy but not hot.