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OJ Still bad for the knife community....

The November 14th issue of The Enquirer has a cover story about how they've found the weapon OJ used to slay his wife and her friend. The cover shows that old tired looking OJ with a picture of an Italian Stiletto superimposed over the picture. Great, here comes the anti-switchblade fanatics.

Blame it on the knife...


I've got the schizophrenic blues
No I don't
Yes I do...
Just thought I'd mention that I don't read the rag, just saw in line. If anyone does read it tell me what the stoy said, as if it's true.

Of course that is the mag to use to track aliens on this planet....


I've got the schizophrenic blues
No I don't
Yes I do...
May 25, 1999
Please....anyone who thinks OJ could have nearly taken a person`s head off with that little sticker is nuts. If you ask me, I think they need to keep looking for the murder weapon....
The knife pictured is a Kissing Crane lockback folder,though it may appear to be an auto it is not,the sheeple may have a hay day over this one.

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How he ever got away with murder! Allegedly!


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You know, Smokey Mountain Knife Works just recently started selling those cheap Kissing Crane 'stilettos'. Somewhere around $20 I believe. I think a man with OJ's money might be able to afford a better knife.
Since when was OJ good for the knife community??? The only time I see that is those few mornings in June at the continental breakfast before I lumber down the road to Cobb Galleria

Never have I seen the US Justice system fail soooo miserably as when all evidence clearly pointed towards Simpson and he was acquitted. Yeah OJ, you say you wanna look for the killer? How about looking in the mirror pal!
What an SOB

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After his aquittal, I remember that miserable POS-SOB saying that he "would leave no stone unturned" in search of the killer.

I think that he believes the killer works at a golf course. He's been on almost every one in the country. Obviously, his arthritis isn't effecting his golf game, but as was testified, prevented him from committing the grusome crime. Yeah, right!

Glen AKA Centaur
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The "murder weapon" went along with that airline tagged small luggage that was carried out from the crime scene, with detectives looking right at him, by Robert Kardashian. Indeed, "...where is the bag Mr. Kardashian?"

It appears to me that the only thing sharper than OJ's knife is ......OJ himself.

As for the murder weapon, my vote goes for either a Khurkri or a quality Bowie.
No way a cheapo stilletto did that kind of damage.

Also, I believe, athritis or not, OJ could have not only have performed said murders, he could have also taken on at least two more while holding his "Heissman" (sp??)trophy under one arm.
This man had strength, speed, stamina, military training (in edged weapons use), and the cover of darkness on his side.

What do you think???

--The Raptor--

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Now, boys, play nice. I think OJ should continue his hobby with that cheap, imported excuse for a knife. My wife is tall, blonde, and doesn't do what she is told--ever. He could try and discipline her! Of course, the cartridges she uses in her custom made pistols cost more than a whole skid-pallet of those pot medal can openers..--OKG
Oh gawd..you had to mention OJ..that &^%$#!
The man was/is insanely jealous, abusive and strong. If a person is crazed enough, they can decapitate with a dull spoon. If he used an expensive knife, that would have been just more evidence against him. He probably thought by picking up the cheapy stilletto it would be blamed on a small time mugging, ha, as if.

...And if I hear one more joke about OJ in the knife store I work in, I'll turn blue :p
Well, according to another a-hole, Mark Fuhrman, the weapon was actually a large, locking Victorinox SAK, similar to the Rucksack so popular on these forums.

Apparently O.J. sat on the board of Forschner, which is Swiss Army Brands. He regularly received bag fulls of complimentary SAKs. Apparently when he received one of the new large locking models, he was impressed enough to tell his driver, "You could kill somebody with this."

If somebody gets someone from behind and pulls the knife across their throat, even a folder with a sub-4" blade can almost decapitate someone, especially when used by someone with O.J.'s size and strength. Also, blades of 3" can often create stab wounds as deep as at least 5", due to the flexibility of body tissues.

By the way, I think O.J. has lied so much he now actually believes he's innocent.