ok, how about a hunting/bowie type knife then?

Dec 15, 2000
Well, can't seem to find a survival type knife that I can agree with anybody on, alot of varying opinions, which is getting a bit confusing.

I also do like hunting knives/bowie, and seem to be less picky about them.

I'd like some suggestions on some good hunting/bowie knives.

What do we all think about the Aitor bowie knife?


Fallkniven A1. Or if you need to go larger, the Cold Steel Recon Scout, or Trail Master Bowie. I have all three, and find them ALL to be excellent!.

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That's a cool looking Bowie! I personally am not a big fan of brass guards, but if it's your cup o' tea, any of the Mineral Mountain Bowies come with a brass guard option. Ones that might interest you might be the Deep Woods Bowie, Combat Bowie, or the K-19. You can choose what kind of finish you want on any of these blades.

I'm sure there a lot of other nice Bowies out there. I can't wait to see other links/pics. Good luck!

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Probably the biggest knife I would suggest for hunting is a Bob Dozier Professional Guides Knife. But if deer or smaller is what you are hunting, a Marbles Sport99 will do ya well. Also, you might look into the BladeForums Talon being offered in 154CM. This should be a dandy hunting knife.


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The one bowie I've never seen mentioned is the Western W49 - I think Camillus is the parent company. I'm not sure about the quality, but I think it's the nicest looking bowie out there. It sure looks a lot like the one used by Crocodile Dundee, but from other posts I've seen, that one was a custom knife.

I bought mine many years ago when in the Army, and had to wait to go on a Reforger excercise in Europe, so that I could order from the overseas catalog - it had a price that couldn't be beat!

I've had mine since 1985, never really used it, but it looks cool! Now I need another one so I can start actually using the old one....

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Gary, try the knifecenter.com.

The range, price and quality will open your eyes!


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Are you saying you want a skinning blade in the Bowie format?

Try the Marble's Expert II.
Hunting knives usually imply something in the 3-1/2" to 4" range for cleaning game, notably things like Whitetails.

Bowie knives usually imply knives in the 9" to 12" range, which can be used to clean game, but are cumbersome. They are usually best used as camp, chopping, or food preparation knives.

You may find that under any kind of heavy use (chopping), finger grooves are a big annoyance rather than a benefit. I mean blisters. To be avoided in my book. The Aitor in 440C+ otherwise sounds ok.

Under $100, I like the Fallkniven F1 for a hunter, to be very brief on a diverse subject. Bob Dozier is worth saving for at the $130-$150 range.

I like the SOG Tigershark and Cold Steel Trail Master products for Bowies in the reasonable price range (under $150).

The Fallkniven A1 is a small (6") Bowie that sort of bridges the gap, although it is not optimized for either task.

If you are serious about a "survival knife", I'd save my money and buy a Busse Battle Mistress at ~$300.

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