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ok i got some extra b-day money which sharpening kit

Dec 15, 2000
see i love knives i like holding them looking at them feeling them well ig ot about 50 bucks from my b-day and what knife sharpener should i get i got these 3 at my knife store which do you think is the best i got a buck 110 i want to keep sharp and i got 11 other very dull knives i want to bring to a almost razor edge heres the pics



Personally I would go with the Spyderco Sharpmaker 204 ...Do a search in this forum or Spydercos forum and you will get ALOT of info ...Ive got a 204 and it is great.....very simple to use..


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Definitely a sharpmaker. Check the web dealers, you can get one in your price range and your Buck will stay sharp.

Sharpmaker....Hands Down. Simple to use, directions are easy to follow and it puts a great edge on anything.
Freehand is a dying art. It took me a long time to get right. I'm still not a master, but I can get a knife to fling hair.

I have the Smith stone set in the top photo, and it's ok. The stones were glued in crooked when I bought it. Good thing the glue failed soon after and I was able use a better quality adhesive to re-seat the stones.

The quality of "natural" stones from bargain sources has been disappointing.

The medium stones I have been finding in the past 10 years have chipped and gotten holes in the surface. The coarse stones I've found seem to be too delicate in that they seem to wear out too fast. I am starting to look more into coarse diamond and medium to fine ceramic bench stones.

If you don't want to learn free-hand sharpening, or just want a quick and easy backup for when you are in a hurry, then the Spyderco 204 is a great choice. I have used it before and will be purchasing one soon.
You may also want to consider a set from Razor Edge in that price range. Their website is www.razoredgesystems.com . The Sharpmaker is great too, but if you have extremely dull knives you'll need to get a coarse stone to re-profile the edges before the Sharpmaker will work on them. Not that that's a big problem, just that you have to factor in a little extra cost. If you want a lot of very detailed information on sharpening and different systems, check out the sharpening FAQ here http://www.bladeforums.com/faqs/ . It's very informative no matter what system you're looking to get.
Another vote for the 204.

The first knife was probably used to cut stuff.
the 204 would compliment bench stones well. it's easier [for me] to re-create an edge on a "very, very dull" knife with benchstones, but the 204 is excellent for general sharpening, and you can re-profile the edge on most without difficulty.as to price...
just my opinion...

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Do yourself a favor and wait till you have a bit more moolah. Buy the Edge Pro. http://business.gorge.net/edgepro/ It's hands down the best system out there. The basic Apex without the extra stones is around $125 and well worth it. The Spyderco Sharpmaker is great for keeping an already sharp edge in tip top shape. But, if your knives get dull, or if you want to change the edge angle, it won't do the trick.
Good luck,
well, the edge pro is fine, if you have to use training wheels...
just kiddin'. wait, no i'm not.still stand by benchstones and 204. i realize not everyone can use benchstones

russ aka BladeZealot{former screen name: russ, dec.'99}
a cat almost always blinks when hit in the head with a ball-peen hammer.

the only thing better than a good knife, is a good woman.
I also like the Spyderco Sharpmaker for keeping knives sharp. However, say you have a real dull, chipped, or a new knife that the bevels are greater than 25 degrees and you need to profile or remove a lot of steel, the Sharpmaker is just to slow to be practical.

Of the other systems out there, I like the Skarb the best. All the systems have pros and cons and all have faults. I have owned the EdgePro( and still do), the Lansky (sold it), RazorEdgeSystems, paper wheels. I have been on a quest.

I may try to a comprehensive review. I thought I would put in a plug for the Skarb because it seems disingenuous for Skarb to do so.

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I just ordered a new Sebenza. As you might guess (
), I'd like to keep it in "tip-top" shape for a long, long time.
I've heard so many good things regarding that Sharpmaker 204, I wonder if the other Sebenza owners on the board would recommend this system? I REALLY want to keep from screwing up my Sebenza the first time I try to give the edge a little touch up.
Other Sebbie owners, do you have an opinion on the 204?


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Sharpmaker 204! Simple to use, and it will put a razor edge on everything from your favorite knives to kitchen knives to scissors to shears....Great tool.
benchstone for the purist ( and everyone should learn how to use one) and to maintain a tradition of craftsmanship. Sharpmaker 204 if you are scared of screwing up and need a security blanket and are short of cash.

However, when you get serious, get the EdgePro. http://business.gorge.net/edgepro
I'll even sell you one of mine.

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see i like the spyderco sharpmaker 204 but i really want a bench stone then i will get a spyderco sharpmaker but which stone in the pics i supplied are the best because i dont wanna order online and those are all ig to at my store