>>>>>> OK I need everyone's help here.. Please... <<<<<<

Oct 2, 1998
As you may know I am thinking of starting an on-line knife magazine. There is a cost involved and it seems that I would need about 1,000 subscribers to make it happen and to provide good content and testing.

The cost would be about $3 a head ($36 a year) or maybe lower if we allowed advertising.

So read the other thread about the magazine and post here if you would subscribe.
Please do not ask questions in this thread as all I am looking for is a head count.

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Mike Turber
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Do it! Do it right! Do it right NOW!

I would like to try 1 month free sub then if it is good i would subscibe.. Brad

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Count me in.

Use advertisers. I like the idea of keeping prices lower for me plus I need the laughs from Cold Steel's ads!
I would be highly interested. I go lokking for the latest knife mags alot sooner than they come out so more is needed. I'm just glad I found Bladeforums!