OK......Knife Burnout is Over !

Oct 3, 1998
Well, it lasted two days anyway.
Here I am, reading and trying to contribute to this forum.
This forum is about knives....duh...I guess I still love them.
I just have not found another knife that I really "need".
However, the Spyderco Mini-Police Neclace knife due any day makes me excited.
I plan on wearing it as the St. Christopher neclace it will replace has not done anything more than rub off chest hair over the years. This knife will come in handy someday and it will definately be used.

BTW.....I've spent about a minute actually sitting on my new couch and tactical love seat since they arrived and hours with my knives.

Steel is good and I'm not crazy.
Thank God you're well again! I didn't think it would last long, but was worried none-the-less.

Daniel D.
Don't worry. The cycle will repeat itself. If you lose interest in weaponry altogether or think about joinging Handgun Control Incorporated, please e-mail me personally.

Now that is the Bill Williams I know and admire...geez...I was getting worried and wondering if it would happen to me!


My knife burnout is over too! It lasted for about 8 hours last knight

When I woke up this morning, I was pleasently suprised by an early visit from my friendly UPS guy

My Elisewitz Janus arrived! I'm so happy...I'm floatin' on cloud nine...

I need a bigger bucket.