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Jun 29, 1999
Over the course of the last few months we have discussed and made knife recommendations for everything from bug control to the disarmament of nuclear detonators (okay I'm kidding about the nuclear stuff
- that will probably come up on a later thread). Lets take a moment to look at the other end of the spectrum.

Between us, the 3-4000 members of this forum probably own or have owned samples of virtually every knife currently in production. So Im curious,can you advise a fellow knife Knut, on which knives to avoid.

Tell us about your experience with "the knife that let you down".

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The MOD Razorback, From the literature and pictures I didn't notice it was too thick, which, combined with the narrow blade, makes for a lousy cutter. It looks like a good penetrator though, but that's way too limited for me, even as a defensive knife. The fit and finish and especially the sheath were all good to very good. It's just the design. Stay away form this one, unless you're looking for a micro wallhanger!
If anyone likes the Razorback, please let me know why. I hate to throw it away.
The MOD razorback ain't too bad...decent quality and good grip, small and packs pretty flat. I see it ias a retension tool myself, to be carried on the weak side and used to discourage anyone wanting to take your gun. To each their own. I got one in trade. I admit that it sits in the draw lately because my Mantis is so much cooler..

Knives that have let me Down...

CRKT Apache...My first venture into the realm of tactical folder....What a piece of Junk. Bum liner, lame ergonomics, sharp edges everywhere except the edge on the blade, bead blast so nasty that you can file your fingernails with it. I shoulda bought a AFCK instead.

Spyderco Goddard Lightweight. Too lightweight. Pins were soft, toggle was soft, the Zytel was soft. Great blade, but the rest is in dire need of improvement for a hard use knife.


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The Schrade Cliphanger. Talk about cheesy. A liner lock with a back spring just an accident waiting to happen. It is the only knife I have ever owned that I gave to my wife to use for gardening.The liner in it is about as thick as a piece of paper and holds about as well.
2 votes for the cliphanger
I think the liner is made from the foil
in a pack of cigarettes.
Strider and Yancy hit the nail on the head. As I was reading the thread I was thinking, "boy I don't like that Cliphanger". Worse locking mech I have ever seen....glad I handled one so I didn't blindly buy it.


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Colt M-16. Idly smacking the back of the blade in my palm left a 3/4" gash in the back of my knuckle when the lock let go. It was still fairly new and nothing was near or interfering with the lockback.

Stay away from the FOX POS folders with
the toplock/slidelock. They will fall apart if you look at them funny... They BLOW!
I collect SAKs and good copies and just got one in the mail yesterday. It's an English Rogers copy called a Regimental. I've heard of the Rogers name and figured it would be a fairly plain but servicable knife. When I opened the package, I looked at it and could see what a cheap POS it was. When I tried to open the screwdriver blade, I broke part of my thumbnail off. The blade is an odd hollow grind and was totally dull. I was pretty disappointed.


man I hate the clip-hanger. The handles are hollowed out zytel, and I bent one with my hands and the liner poped out of the handle. I don't know why they charge 20-24 dollars for it.
Stay away from Al-Mar (or its original Moki) cigar cutter knife. It has its chisel ground edge on the "right" side and makes a decent pencil sharpner but that's all. You have to spend a painful minute to remove the part of cigar you cut from between the scales, even worse you have to do it more than twice to deal with a torpedo shaped cigar as the opposite (not holed) handle will stop the end of the cigar.

I bought it at $100 around. Though the cost doesn't seem to match its usage, but well I was taught by the experience it gave to me.

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Ditto on the Clip-Hanger! Also stay away from anything Frost's, Poorman's, or United Cutlery

Hibben's Kenpo Karate knives look like they would be good knives...but here's a little secret...THE BLADES ARE 420J2! So stay away from them.

BTW: Shouldn't this thread be in "The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly"?

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I'll ditto what Stompy said, but I must add Smith & Wesson and Colt knives. Both of these companies need to stick to making things that go BANG! as I've not seen a decent knife from either company. Maybe they exist, but I've yet to see one!

If it's stupid but works, then it isn't stupid.

The Smith and Wesson name for knives is owned by Taylor Cutlery. I think -- but I am not certain -- the Colt name for knives is owned by United Cutlery. Don't be too quick to blame the knives on their ostensible parent firearm companies. I heartily agree with staying away from Smith & Wesson, if not just based on quality of their stuff, then also because of the business ethics of taking custom knifemaker's knives and duplicating them without paying royalties.

In another note, someone mentioned not buying from Frosts above ... be careful not to confuse Frosts (cheap cutlery company) with Frosts of Sweden, and excellent Scandanavian cutlery company.

I don't know about parent companies and such, all I know is the companies I mentioned have not produced any thing that I would ever consider buying (knife snobbery I suppose) because in my opinion the overall quality of their knives is flea market level CRAP!

Frost's of Sweden makes the best inexpensive (overall) using knives in the world bar none!

America's Frost cutlery makes knife-like objects IMO, most of which are INCREDIBLY tacky in appearance and most samples I have seen have questionable usage capabilities at best.

Don't get me started.

If it's stupid but works, then it isn't stupid.

If anyone here actually collects Frost and Poorman's POS's, I have a large collection from my childhood. I started collecting at age 8 and quit around 15, then started again a couple years ago. When I was younger, I loved that flashy "Gazillion holes space invader bowie" crap. Give me a call, my prices are IN-SANE!

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Ditto on the colt knives! Definate POS


The Meyerco Cut-N-Strut is another good one to avoid. Great for Band-Aid sales & not much else.

Ditto on Colt and S&W. Double ditto on the Cliphanger.

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There'll likely be differences of opinion on this one, but I'd say stay away from CS's extra large voyager / Gunsite folders. The zytel on mine "stretched" around the pins, the pins themselves ain't worth a tink, and I'm not about to spend twenty hours devising a way to sharpen those serrations.


Ever notice no other candy tastes quite like Pez? Oh yeah, the BM Mini-Axis and the Rekat Carnivour are the best production folders yet (IMHO, of course)!!

Ditto on the Colt M-16 auto. luckily i had no accident with it,but too much play in blade. The Ar-15 liner locker seemed to be ok ,but i sold it. Also, i have had good experiences with the SW knives, liner lockers and autos and even carry the SW1250 on and off. But i am the minority opinion on these knives. Another bad experience for me was the Camillus Cuda which had a liner lock failure. I wont buy another.