OK to cut down a Bushman?

Jul 10, 2001
First Post!
Just wondering if there is any reason I couldn't cut a Cold Steel Bushman blade down to a more usable length. I know nothing about the different steels and don't want to ruin it(Even though it is pretty inexpensive). If there is a good method that someone with experience could recommend, I would greatly appreciate it. I have access to grinders, hacksaws, torches and maybe even a chopsaw. Would the new part of the edge need tempered or hardened again? I am very much a "newbie" so don't worry about telling me what you think. I figure there are folks here that know exactly how to accomplish what I want. (And that isn't buying another knife instead.)
With all those tools and a piece of 10 series steel, or whatever high carbon is lying around, you could make a pretty good knife, and not beat up on the Bushman. I'm not an experienced forger, but if memory serves, there are one or two around here who might know how to do that.
The bushman is hardened, so taking a hacksaw to it is.. well... it won't work! You could use a cutting torch, but then you'll ruin the heat treat (and likely a bunch of the steel would have to be ground off) and you'd have to get the steel heat treated. In other words, short of some minor geometry changing with a grinder, your options are:

1) Buy a mini-bushman!

2) Get a custom maker to make what you want

3) Get a catalog from Knife and Gun or Jantz or whaerever, buy soem steel, micarta and some pins, and make your own knife!

Good Luck, and welcome to the forums.
If you have a lazer cutter or a plasma arc cutter you could do it with fairly minor effect on the treatment, but with the plasma cutter you'd have to definitely do a lot of cleaning up and grinding back(keeping it cool while doing so of course).

You can cut it down, or reprofile it to whatever you'd like. However, if it gets too hot, you may ruin the temper.

I believe the general rule is if it gets too hot to hold in your hand while cutting or grinding, quench in water until it cools before continuing.

Others can chime in, but I think if the steel goes blue-black while you're working, you've ruined the temper.

Is the bushman's blade coated? I'm not sure what shortening or reprofiling will do to the coating on the blade.

That may be a whole different story, as the coating could melt or burn. Also, if you need to re-grind the bevel, you might end up with a point that has no coating.

Good luck!

I think I will buy a Mini-Bushman. I didn't know about them until Crayola clued me in.
I may start experimenting though and try to build a KaBar Warthog-like knife.
I'm afraid I might end up like you guys.
Totally and completely. KNUTZ4KNIVES! I may just risk it though.:D