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Ok What is the most wicked looking knife?

Oct 2, 1998
Seriously I want to know what you guys think is the most wicked looking folder and fixed blade?

Harold Corby's devils right hand?
The Cobra?
The Vaquero Grande?
The Civillian?

Well lets figure it out......

James's Deathmonger Rombatron?

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I am afraid that I am partial but the Palm-a-Hawk and Genghis are tough to beat. Looks or otherwise …



also Jim March's "Outsider"

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Wicked? As in scary or radical or what? A few that come to mind are the Spyderco Civilian, and the Microtech Hawk. Both are hawkbills, yeah, hawkbills look wicked.
The Outsider

Seriously, to me there's other contenders, like Ernie Mayer's Black Cloud Bowie #5.

I also think there should be three categories: folders, concealable fixed, full-battle fixed. In folders, I'd vote for the Vaquero Grande, in concealable fixed the Evans/Folts Hawksbill is a strong contender, in full-tilt I would honestly say The Outsider is in the running as is Ernie's Bowie5, the REKAT Hobbit and the Gengis.

Note: some of these are specialized and would work best with a particular style or gameplan.

Anybody ever see a Three Stooges movie called "Malice in the Palace?" Makes the Outsider look like a party favor.

Folders - Cold Steel Vaquero Grande.

Then there's the wicked-look of the hawksbill blade. That incurved shape is the traditional shape of a harvesting or pruning knife, for cutting vegetable fiber, but it looks so carnivorous!


I think, for a folder, I've got to go with the Civilian. That radical last hook of the tip,yow! It's so wicked Spyderco doesn't even have a picture up on their web page! Probably scares the kiddies.
I really like the looks of the G10 and kraton handle, though.

For it's size, the REKAT Pocket Hobbit is pretty intimidating. And it backs up it's looks with the thick blade and rock-solid lock.


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Mad Dogs Panther with a 10 inch blade in a dark place would be a very wicked looking knife to me...

Gibbons sf-knifes doesnt look to nice either..

I'm surprised that no one's brought up Mike Franklin's "Hawg" series of knives -- interesting combination of pretty colors and blade shapes just screaming for your vote in the category "most likely to be used in an involuntary amputation"...

Minor correction - the Franklin 'Hawg' series is a group of relatively inoffensive and practical blades. Where Mike starts marching to his very own drummer is in some of the newer blades, such as the Millineum (sp?) and Genesis series.
But in appearance I'll agree - those things clip off fingers and toes when you just LOOK at them, and when you actually OPEN the thing . . !
Mike Franklin definately gets my vote on the most deliberately vicious looking folder. I have a Cold Steel Vaguero Grande, and it's pretty mean, but not in the same class as Mike's art pieces (but isn't this alwasy the way between mass-production and custom work?)


The Vector Tactical Folder!!

Don't ask why!

Joel Pirela
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Now the functionality/quality may be questionable, but any of the Gil Hibben knives offered by United Cutlery out-wicked anything mentioned here so far. I collect these blades for aesthetic purposes only. I am not very fond of J2 stainless in a knife blade. I wish I could afford custom versions of all his knives. As of now I only have one custom by him and it is pretty tame looking compared to most of his work. Gil Hibben is the master of the wicked blade.
Virgil England

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Most wicked folders have to be the Vaqueros. Most wicked fixed blade? Hmmm,The Outsider is sure in the running, Harold Corby`s Devils Right Hand is another nasty one. I`m biased but I`m also gonna throw in the EDMF 12" Trench Bowie,whenever I pull it out peoples eyes pop out of their heads and they go "Holy sh!t,be careful with that thing!".