OK--What strange habits do you have to protect yourself?

Jan 11, 1999
Strange sounding post -- I know -- but I like ot know what people do to protect themselves while in public or while driving. My example would be:

I NEVER use a urinal. "Why," you might ask? Ever wonder what you might do if someone came up and took your wallet while you were hittin' the head? Problems, huh? Give me other examples please!

Thank you--


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If anybody wants to rob me at the urinal, they do so at the risk of a good soaking. Be vigilant & practice your aim on the little pink cakes...

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First of all,usually if someone mugs me it's just for practice. If they actually want money, they'll have to pick somebody else.

But generally just muttering to myself and drooling big globs seems to ward them off
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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Rugger:
If anybody wants to rob me at the urinal, they do so at the risk of a good soaking. Be vigilant & practice your aim on the little pink cakes...


<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by lifter4Him@aol.com:
First of all,usually if someone mugs me it's just for practice.</font>

I've seen your picture: if someone tries mugging you, they don't need practice, they need serious medical attention.


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I try to stay aware of what is going on around me. I like to take the 'feeling' of a room or place. My instinct tells me if something is wrong more often than not.

I carry my Military in the inside pocket of my coat so I can reach in fast with my left hand and a BM 750 or other knife in the right trouser pocket for right hand deployment.

If I feel something is going down, I move my body to disguise me reaching for the Military and while doing this make eye contact with the 'problem' just to let him know I am 'aware'. The Military is still out of sight, yet now open and ready to go.

Call me paranoid, but it has worked twice now. No blade was seen, no one was hurt, but I felt very shakey afterwards. Those were very threatening situations. Alcyhol and pricks are a bad combo.


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Good post. As luck would have, I have no experience to post, thank my maker. But please keep them coming.

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Old habits..hard to break.
When taking a seat at a table I always want to be able to see 'the action'. I want to see who's coming and going, I'll usually be near some type of exit, with no one or little behind me if possible.
When parking, I usually back into my space, or pull straight thru so I can exit going forward not backing up. Best for a whole bunch of reasons...safety, security, relative ease, visibility, speed.
Carry a 'give it up' fold of cash with a good bunch of small bills. Keep enough ready cash in your 'give it up' fold to pay for gas, meal, etc....anywhere you may be observed pulling cash from pocket. Not flashing a thick wallet may keep you out of trouble in some areas or at least minimize your losses and risk.
Be aware...your mind is always your best defense..consider who are the prey and who are the predators. Turkeys are thought to be stupid...but they are worthy prize. Always on the lookout...keen to their surroundings both sight and sound. They go about their daily affairs easily yet always on the ready.
I usually grab hold of my BM 730 and hold it closed in my pocket but thumb on the stud when im in an area thats questionable. THius way i can deploy the blad quickly if i need it
When your coming up to a building corner or some other obstacle. Move to a safe distance so that you can see someone coming if they were hiding behind the object. If an individual is going to attack he loses his chance of catching you with no time to react if he has to run a distance to get to you.

When coming up on a vehicle, look under it from a distance to see if anyone is under it. Carry a flashlight the ASP keychain lights are small and put out a large amount of light. Carry pepper spray as physical force can be looked upon badily. If you must, fight with all you have as it is better to be judged by twelve than carried by six.

Be the first to call the authorities, if the attacker does it first they may be looked upon as the victim. Car alarms and personal safety sirens are pointless in my opinion, how many time do you hear these go off and wish the person would shut that damn thing off. Yelling is much more productive.
When walking in questionable areas..like the UNLV college campus past 10:00pm or so I always keep my daily carry in my hand (folded of course) but in "ready to deploy" fashion. Usually my gerber covert, or my full size m-16. A couple of nights ago I was leaving campus at about 12:00 midnight and I saw a vending machine that had been butchered and robbed. Couldnt help but think if I had seen the BG in the act of robbing the machine and he saw me too. What would he do? Run? Talk sh#t? Get in my face? Whatever the case, it always makes me feel better to have a blade with me.

Also, a lot can be said for just walking with your head up and paying attention to your surroundings. If you look confident, people are less likely to mess with you.

Strangest self defense tactic I've ever seen done: couple of guys are squaring off in a parking lot. Dude #1 is the smaller of the two, shirtless, and holding a mostly-empty beer bottle. As Dude #2 approaches, Dude #1 smashes bottle on ground, and proceeds to cut himself across the chest, with a big, ear-to-ear, s**t-eating grin on his face. Dude #2 turns & bolts.

I've done some strange things to avoid the occasional fracas, most of which wouldn't make any sense out of context.

Slightly less strange things that I do most of the time:
-whilst walking anywhere at night, I keep my ears open. I'm going to hear someone in a reduced visibility situation long before I see them.
-keep my shoes/boots laced up nice & tight
-never wear the hood on hooded clothing

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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by willOthewisp:
Dude #1 smashes bottle on ground, and proceeds to cut himself across the chest, with a big, ear-to-ear, s**t-eating grin on his face.</font>

Now that is a good one!!

If you have to go through an alley or whatever and you don't necessarily like the looks of the person(s) in it, run through it & if anyone approaches you, yell, "Get outta my way - the cops are chasin' me!"

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Lol Jason, that's a good one.

I generally try to scan faces and bodies around me, assesing threat levels, etc. I walk wide around corners, so i see people before they have a chance to jump me. I always have a folder with me, and i train with it, and with my body. The main survival tactic i use is to think... He who uses his brains survives the encounter....

It's kept me alive so far, through a few tense encounters. Happily, i largely manage to avoid fights, partly due to my physical size (nothing like lifter, but pretty big).

Anyway, good responses, and an interesting thread!


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I see a lot of good advice being given and received here. What I have to add is that you should get yourself used to ALWAYS staying alert to what's going around you, and who is around you. That means keeping your head generally at a level with the horizon. When standing near your car getting your keys out, do it by feel as you look around your vicinity, and LOOK like you're looking. The last thing a mugger wannabe desires is for you to know he's coming, and for you to be the sort of person who is alert to your surroundings.

Carry a gun, if at all possible. But be aware of the escalation of force, and carry IN ADDITION to the gun a can of pepper spray and an impact weapon, such as an ASP baton. First fight with words, then with the spray, then with the baton, and lastly with the gun. This is for your LEGAL protection, unfortunately. Imagine how good you'd look in court if you clubbed the guy with the ASP after the spray had insufficient effect and you could tell the judge, "But I didn't shoot him, though I could have."

When entering my car and getting ready to leave anywhere, I do the following checklist, which I call the "DeCiBLe" checklist (DCBL):
1) DOORS: Lock your doors first thing, even before you start the car. The first thing you want is for no one to be able to grab you out of your own car door.
2) CAR: Start the car. Do this before anything else, should you find yourself in immediate need of bugging outta there.
3) BELT: Put on your seatbelt. You may actually find yourself HAVING to crash in order to save your own life. Best to be able to walk away.
4) LIGHTS: I don't put on my lights until the moment I put the car into gear. Why? Why should I alert someone roaming the parking lot that I am in my car, preparing to leave? Why not leave it difficult for him to determine which car it is that is running?
The reason behind the list's order is based upon which things you can do without having done the others. You can't drive away if you are getting yanked out of the car, so you lock the door first. You can't drive away with your seat belt fastened and the car not started, so you start the car. You can drive away with your lights still off but if you do so in haste and have an accident you will wish for that seat belt. You can generally drive a distance with your lights not yet on, so they are the last required step. Besides, who hasn't ever driven a mile and then had someone flash their lights saying, "Buddy, put your damn lights on"?

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