Okapi Knives

Bob W

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Dec 31, 2000
Smoky Mountain Knife Works is selling "warehouse find" Okapi knives that are supposedly 50 years old. They are single-bladed folders with stamped steel handles; one model is color coated and one model is celluloid on one side. They had 5 models total. Two of the models are sold out, one of the steel handled and the celluloid.

I have two questions perhaps someone could quickly answer:
First, does anyone know a little about Okapi Knives? I've never heard of them.
Second, is there any reason why they wouldn't be worth the $6.99ea?

I've ordered one each of the available models and will tell you all about them when they arrive in a few days, if anyone's interested.

-Bob W
Check out Ragweed Forge for Okapi knives at http://www.ragweedforge.com/HistoricalKnifeCatalog.html#okapi

I saw those SMKW Okapis. I'm sure they're worth the few bucks they're asking, for historical interest alone. Lying around in a warehouse all that time, they may smell musty or show some corrosion, none of which should prevent you from cleaning them up and using them for beaters, at least.

The Okapi models that Ragweed Forge carries are now made in South Africa. They used to be made in Germany, largely for the South African market. They are supposed to be a cheap utility knife over there, sharpening up nicely and taking a lot of abuse.
You might want to check out my article in Knives 2000. I like Okapi knives but don't expect too much from a $2.00 retail(in Africa)knife.
You might want to check at Blade Auction, there's one there. Started at $1.00, now up to $3.00. Al