okay, last post for the night; protectant-help?

Aug 8, 1999
i'm wondering if there is anything i can use on my CS kukri for smudges, fingerprints, etc. i have coated it with Flitz. i noticed that when you touch it, you have to buff the blade again. is there any type of wax or anything like that that can kind of seal it so this doesn't happen so much? i'm like an old lady with a glass coffee table - don't put your fingers all over that! put it down! now i'm gonna have to wipe it off all over again!... thanks for any input!
We use SENTRY SOLUTIONS Tuf-Cloth rust preventative and swear by it. If you are around extreme[saltwater] environs, try the MARINE TUF-CLOTH. They are a advertiser on this site nad you can find their products in the Bladeforums store,....buy some and support BLADEFORUMS.

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Will Fennell
Camillus Cutlery

I agree with Will that Sentry Solution products are good. However, if you worry about finger prints, it won't help much. It makes it even worse as Tuf Cloth will leave some hazy film over the blade. I still don't know of any protectant that will "seal" the blade like you described. BTW, Flitz is only metal polish, not protectant.

Au contraire mon Frantium. Flitz does indeed leave a protective coat after buffing. The company claims up to several months in fact. Whether for storage or in use, they did not specify. But I' ve used it on several of my blued firearms for years and it really works in terms of removing stains and even light rust/ oxidation _WITHOUT_ any harm to the bluing!

KELT34: if you are concerned about fingerprint smudges, why not try "Sheath" from Birchwood Casey? On the can it reads: "Contains FPR (Finger print remover)!!

Hope this helps a bit.


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Dang, I don't know that Flitz will protect metal too! Kinda remind you of some auto polish/wax combos. Hmmm... You said it works great on blued steel? Gotta try it then. Thanks for the info.

Hmm... Marine Tuf-Cloth will leave a hazy film on the blade, but I use Tuf-Glide, and put a few drops on the blade, then spread it around a bit, leaving it to dry. Once dry, you can them buff off the excess (if any). I noticed that it doesn't take fingerprints easily once it's buffed, unless I press hard into the blade. Just touching the blade out of admiration won't leave a finger smudge on it.

Frantium mentioned auto wax/polish products. Has anyone used these on their knives? I've been wondering if they would work.

I've used many different products, and currently use Tuf-Cloth on most of my knives. Glad to hear that about Flitz. It's one of several I use to remove light rust and do cleanup of older knives.

Greg Walker in his not so hot book about combat knives recommeded turtle wax... One of the few high points of this book.

George-just wanted to drop a note...saw your site: very impressive blades. Keep up the beautiful work.
I had a satin blade Crawford KFF, it was a pain to have to wipe the finger prints off. I sent it to Pat Crawford to have him bead blast it for a more subdued look. Now I can't see the finger prints any more.