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Okay, So How Do I Do It...

Old Knife Guy

Sep 19, 2000
As I stated, I am selling my place in line for an Emerson CQC-7, and many of you have contacted me by private E-mail. (And I think that's the proper format.) I don't know how transactions go on these things, but I wrote back to the E-mailers that we should find a 'broker,' a guy we both trust. Another problem is that I don't know how Emerson is going to feel about changing the name and address on a Work Order/Invoice. This is a sincere request, I have never bought or sold anything on the 'net.--OKG
P.S. To Sniper308, I tried to E-mail you back, and I got an error message.
OKG, I do not trade knives. And I understand your frustration with Emerson, and your desire to 'sell' your place in line. However, this is essentially a contract between You and Ernie. A small amount of money ($25?) was paid several years ago for future delivery of a knife. This amounts to legal 'consideration' making the contract valid. Unfortunately, it does not sound like you had the delivery date in writing.

Only Ernie could decide whether or not to let someone else take your place in line (transfer the contract). Selling the invoice is a strange idea (at least to me). If you sell it for a lot of money, then YOU have entered into a contract with a third party, sort of obligating You as well as Ernie to make sure the knife gets delivered for the invoice price. I don't think this gets you off the hook.

Selling something that does not yet exist is a risky business. I think you offered your place in line for something like $1000. Now. I dunno. I think at best it should be worth your invoice price, and maybe only the $25 deposit. It is after all, still a risk with no future guarantee of delivery.

Why would Anyone want to 'broker' such a deal and get tied up in it as well? If I were you, I would speak to a dealer like Les R and see if he would be interested in buying your invoice directly.

I understand your frustration, and desire to get out of the deal. But I do not see how you can sell something you do not have. If I were you, I would simply forget about the order for now. Wait for the knife. And decide then buy it or Not. If the retail value is still (a big question) much higher than your contract price, then you get to make a quick buck. But you taking the profit out NOW and leaving someone else at risk is a strange concept. Up to the buyer I guess. Good-luck.

Paracelsus, offering my thoughts on an ethical dilemma
To Paracelsus: I mentioned the 'broker' only to ensure trust. Most guys on the forum don't know me, but we might have a common friend or dealer that we both trust. In fact, YOU could be a broker.
And yes, I agree that a knut giving me money now for a knife later--or at all--is risky. However, this type of transaction appears to appeal to some people--I had three people write to my private E-mail address this morning.
And finally, you are definitely right about Ernie being a wild card. Heck, he doesn't seem to like ME that much, why should he fall all over himself for some late-arriving third guy!
I wrote to Carrie, I told her I'm getting jacked around and what I have planned. I want me and the third-guy-new-owner to pay off the knife on the front end to comfort the new owner and show EE I am sincere and determined.
My problem still is that I don't buy anything on the 'net, I don't want to offend the knuts, and I want out.--OKG

Trying to figure out why anyone would wait years for what I consider to be an ordinary knife. Maybe a few years ago it was state of the art, but the art has come a long way, baby. Most folks here consider MT and Sebenzas to be the holy grail of tac-knives, and MT and Reeve seem to turn them out at a reasonable pace. Sorry, I don't get it.

RH, Giving his opinion where he has no business giving it.
Why not just cancel your order, and ask for a refund of your deposit? More than likely, that won't be a big deal. Or change your order and ask that the deposit be applied to the purchase of a Mach 1