Old Blackjack catalog or pictures on the web?

I'm interested in adding a Blackjack knife to my collection. I'm not very familiar with what they made. Is there anywhere on the net that you can find a Blackjack pictorial catalog or a variety of pictures of Blackjack knives. I'm particularly interested in learning which models were made with A2 alloy.
Jan 18, 1999
I would like to second this query, particularly about Ek knives(this shouldn't suprise anyone).


If you would both like to contact me via email I will be glad to send you pics from the catalogs that I have already scanned. By the way the Trail Guide was the one that had A2. I am not sure of any others off the top of my head. The Trail Guide is my favorite btw.


Tom Carey

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Email me for info. The new items will be added to cga online in the near future.


BlackJack Knives are some of the best that I have ever seen on the market. If you gentlemen are looking to acquire some, let me know I have some in stock that I am looking to sell. Trail Guides, Woodsman, 1-7 all Stag Taper handles. They are great knives.


Good luck adding just "a" Blackjack knife to your collection. I've found the more I learn about them the more models and variations on each model I find I can't live without. They're top quality knives, as good as or better than a lot of customs, and are still affordable.

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Just one Blackjack knife? Just ONE?!

Sorry, had to add to the conversation. It took me over a year to find a replacement for my AWAC that was conveniently "borrowed" while I was deployed down south. Funny thing, when I came back to the US, Blackjack was finalizing bankruptcy, and the knives that were out there suddenly vanished.