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Old Colonial knives

Jan 27, 2005
have a chance to purchase some old Colonial knives...
from what I've seen on the auction sites, they don't seem to command high prices.

However, this is a dealer's display, it's cardboard, has 8 knives in plastic on the board.
6 of the 8 are still sealed (you open them from the back) but all 8 knives are there...

Since this is a complete display, do you folks think it would have any value?

The date on the printing on the display indicates 1977 as the year of the printing, so I can assume that the knives are at least that old...

There was some discussion on here a few days ago? about colonial and imperial knives. They don't seem to bring big money, but that doesn't mean that they shouldn't be collected, almost makes it more fun IMO. I think that a dealer display with the knives would have some interest and value although I don't have any idea how much. I am sure that others on here that are a lot more knowledgeable than I am, would be able to be of more help. Would be great if you had some pictures of it....