Old forged hawk value

You'll need a gold membership to ask a question on the value. I would encourage you to up your support level for the forum, if nothing else because this is a great resource for edged tool fanatics.

Nice hawk, by the way. It looks like an interesting find for sure.

"SECTION 5 - Miscellaneous -

In order to curtail potential abuse of membership privileges associated with the forums, questions regarding valuation of knives and collections are limited to those with a membership level which permits selling on this site. Accordingly, registered and basic members may not start or post in threads with such requests whether with the intent to sell or for informational purposes only. This rule applies throughout the site."

From the exchange rules:
I have been a supporting member since the beginning! I don’t have a gold membership because i don’t want to sell here.
I bought this hawk new in the 80s was just wondering it’s current value.
Sorry this was Offensive...

Offense has nothing to do with it, it's the rules which is why I posted them so you could reference them easily and quickly. I don't want you with and infraction and I assume you don't want one either. The basic level isn't enough to request valuation on something, whether it's to sell or not. It's all outlined in the rule I quoted above.