Old Gerber "semi-custom" limited edition

Feb 17, 1999
I know Gerber isn't making many "quality" knives these days..., but that wasn't always the case. I have several older knives of theirs... a couple of old "armor-hide", which I *think* were made of M2 (correct me if I'm wrong.) M2 has a reputation as a very hard, abrasion resistant steel..., hard to sharpen, hard to dull. I have a couple more (a skinner and a "fish and game" (or was is "fish and bird") knife (both of 440C steel, I think), and a couple folders.

I was always happy with the quality..., for "factory made" knives.

I also have what I understand to be a limited edition knife they once made.

It's a "fish and game" knife, with a blade configuration identical to the one above..., except it's made of their old chrome plated M2 steel, with a stag handle (with very shallow finger grooves... shoot, I wouldn't even call them grooves.., they're just impressions), and stainless steel hilt and bolster.

The knife has an indent from a Rockwell tester, and the number "62" next to it.

I owned a skinner of the same type, but traded it for the "fish and game".

My understanding is that Gerber made 5 different configurations of this limited run, with 200 of each configuration created.

At least..., that's what I was told by the seller, about 30 years ago

Does anyone know the history of these knives..., is what I was told true? And what are the knives worth, these days?