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Old Hickory tactical?

The Magician

Jan 19, 2000
Many of you are probably familiar with old hickory butcher and kitchen knives. I got my new knives plus catalog today and found that O.H. has a double edge fixed blade. Model QN-736 6" sticker, double edged. $5.97 Looks just like the others, except dagger blade. Are these made to use in the kitchen? Any one seen these before? I think I will get one just because they are cheap and different.

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I've seen them. They are called a "duct" knife. Atlanta Cutlery also sells the blade from this knife.



Trust no one...
OH knives are high carbon, high patina and for the price are excellent knives. My wife hated hers "because they rust"....and that is true but if you keep it long enough the rust fades into patina and they are IMO pretty knives.

OH has been using the same blade stamps for decades. An old friend I know has an 80 year old OH butcher knife and that puppy takes a keen edge and the blade is nearly black now. I love the knife. My knife that was 80 years newer looks identical sans the patina.

~Greg Mete~
Kodiak Alaska

Interesting...I have the Old Hickory 7" butcher knife. Except I got it from a friend who "found it in the basement". I've thought it was made by Ontario Knife Co and then discontinued this whole time, because stamped on the blade is

Ontario Knife Co
--Made In USA--

But burned into the handle is Old (r) Hickory. I notice OH burns in Old Hickory (r). Wonder what it all means

Oh yeah forgot to mention, it's a great knife, in fact it's my main kitchen knife. I keep a shaving edge on it and just used it to section a whole chicken. Only thing is I need to dry it right after washing and can't leave it in the sink, or it gets some orange rust (which comes off easily).

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That model of old Hickory is a sticking knife. Used for sticking and bleeding hogs and cattle. Works real good,too. I don't even shoot the hogs anymore. Get them up in the air andstick. clean, efficient and humane.


Old Hickory is a name of a line of knives produced by Queen Cutlery, who happens to share the same parent company with Ontario. I'll assume one makes the blade and one makes the handles.

BTW, My kitchen has had a large set of Old Hickory knives in it for as long as I can remember and they are DYN-O-MITE! Take an excellent edge and the carbon steel has aged a beautiful grey/black.
Thanks for the info, Stu! That clears up my puzzlement. I'd been thinking about re-handling my butcher's knife, as it's starting to splinter a bit, but for 5 or 6 bucks I might as well just buy a new one