old kardas

Mar 9, 1999
If you like old khukuris, you'll enjoy seeing what early 18th c kardas looked like when the kami could find some deer horn. The longest has a 4.75" blade, the smaller 2.75"
blades. It would be wonderful to have something like this reproduced, right Tom?


Nice, John.

A question: with this type of handle, did they have separate scabbards for these as I can see that they would be a bit more awkward to wear if the all in one scabbard were used?

At least some of these were carried in the usual fashion. The khukuri in the upper left corner of this illustration from Stone's Glossary of Arms and Armor
is described as having "Black leather scabbard with pockets for the pouch, small knife with a staghorn handle, and one for use as a sharpener." The one at top right has "Two small knives with horn handles and two pouches." (Also described as having a "Scabbard with pierced gold mounts.")
(Obviously I have not figured out the art of posting thumbnails. Rats

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just how big is your bed??? you've got at least one of everything under there.
Those are really strange looking Crown Stag Horns compared to the Mule and Whitetail deer.
The "Crown" on the American Deer ends at the skull, or perhaps I should say "grow" from the crown at the skull.
Nice looking blades though and they appear like they are as forged blades with little grinding done on them.
I wouldn't mind having something like that although the karda and chakma on my 18" AK is Whitetail Stag And with Coral & Turquoise inlay.



Indin word for lousy hunter.
I don't know if the term "crown stag" horns apply to every deer, but these would have been taken from the miniature Muntjac deer that was native to the region. It is very strange to me that the horn would have gone so deeply into the skull. I am in the process of getting some info from my local zoo.

My first thought was that the handles were composed of multiple pieces of horn. John, can you detect if this is the case. The joints may not be readily visible if coated with dirt or laha.
Each handle is one solid piece of horn. Guess that's the way the little critters were built.