Old knives getting new sheaths?


Fixed Blade EDC Emisssary
Jan 12, 2013
I was checking a dealer's website (not paid, can't name it, not worth mentioning as their prices are meh) and in their "coming soon" section, they have the Tanto Lite, Outdoorsman Lite, Pendleton Lite, Roach Belly, and Canadian Belt Knife listed as coming with "secure-ex" sheaths!

Is this accurate? Are they finally ditching the Cor-Ex? I've avoided all of these knives exclusively (with the exception of the Pendleton which does nothing for me) because the stock sheath was not to my liking and getting a new (kydex) one made would cost almost as much as the knife.

This is very exciting if that is accurate! I've always liked the Outdoorsman and Tanto Lite, and the Roach Belly and Canadian Belt Knife are cheap and neat enough that I'd have a hard time not buying them. I'm already waffling on the Shanghai Shadow now that it comes with a Secure-Ex even though it's really just way too freaking big... But it's only 25 bucks! For carbon steel! In a hard sheath!
Yes, we're changing up sheaths on several models
We're always looking at our line up and attempting to make improvements
The problem I see with this is the knives now sitting higher up on the belts, and poking some of us in the ribs.