old or new Civilian?

Apr 21, 1999
I like both of them. I was thinking alright get the new one, because I like the G-10 for the hanlde. But then I decided I like how the older one looks better. Which do you think I should get?

Another question on the Civilian. Its supposed to be purely a defense knive, but they don't sell plain edged ones. I always thought serrations were more for utility rather then defense. Do serrations work well for defense? I could imagine them doing well, but then getting stuck in clothing.

I own both a G-10 and an Aluminum Civilian. The Aluminum that I have has slightly better fit and finish and is almost classy, plus the Kraton insert and pocket-clip have a high cool factor. But in every functional respect the G-10 is superior - grippier and doesn't hang up on the draw with the "normal" clip.

I posted a mini-comparison of the two (and a lot of Civilian thoughts) here:

Hope this helps.


(Why else would a bear want a pocket?)

I really like mine (the older one), but am considering getting the new one also. If it's a matter of budget, I'd probably get the newer one, since it has a couple of advantages (as Corduroy pointed out). Since this really isn't a "collector", but a user with a purpose, go for the more functional one.

It's my belief that this knife will most likely not get hung up in clothing. It's shape and the way you use it would cause it to rip it's way out instead of getting hung up. I could be wrong on this one, so it would be really great if anyone with some practical experience in testing the Civilian would speak up here.

Perhaps Sal has some info which might help.
I have both the old and new civilians. I prefer the G-10 version .It is easier to handle and is lighter.
The serrations are to aid in cutting through leather,I understand.The old civilians were available in plain edge and I have seen some on bladeauctions and at local gunshows.
Be sharp