Old Sabre Brand Fixed blade ??

May 18, 1999

My wife has one of these that she has had for many years. We picked it up a few years back from PA where she is from. I know most of these were total POS. The question is were any of them any good?

This one has a nice stag handle and the blade appears to be stamped or forged in a hammer die.
The swedges are rounded as is the back and underneath the ricasso.
It has an unsharpened false edge about 1/4th the way back along the top. It is marked on one side Sabre ??? and there are numbers I can't make out. The other side is stamped American knife Co. Soligen.
I haven't used it to cut anything. I cleaned the old beater up and sharpened it. It takes a very nice edge. It seems that I read somewhere that there were a few of these worth having and that some people were collecting them.
I am just wondering what this one might be.
Any good info that you can help me with?