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Old School Wegner

Jan 9, 1999
:thumbup: Just rec. this in the mail today. Have a pse in ats34 and wanted a plain edge and now I have it. This is the Seki City pinned handle slab version. Pretty dull as rec. but looks to be unused, although being dull I imagine it was used. Here in lies the problem at least for me. I am using my Lansky and have the edge set perfectly. Just as I imagine it looked as it came from the factory. But for the life of me I can't seem to get it sharp. It's almost like the burr is breaking and then dulling the knife edge.

This has the nested liner lock and it is as solid as any knife on lock up as I have ever owned. No real scratches on the blade either or clip. I like this knife alot and as soon as I can get the damn thing sharp it will be my edc for the next good while supplanting my EKI's and MOD's, yes I like it that much. Well tips on getting it sharp would be cool. Keepem sharp
Congrats! I love the Wegner series of Spydies :thumbup: :thumbup:

I'd send it to Spyderco & let them sharpen it up. After that... it will be easy to maintain the edge. :cool:
Nah, have it just where I want it now. Screaming freakin sharp. Took a good long while which I assume is a testament to the heat treat. Like I said I have both versions now and although the pse is ground thinner the pe is hair popping sharp now. I wish you could take it apart and I realize that was major criticism of the knife when it came out, BUT that not withstanding this knife is major cool with stellar ergo's. As good as my EKI's and I think those knives about as ergonomic a knife as you will find. The Wegner is as good if not better imho. Keepem sharp and thanks Sal for a "classic".!
The handle slabs are pinned together not bolted/screwed together so the knife won't come apart. I remember that was a criticism of the knife when it first came out. No big deal to me though. I like it just the way it is! keepem sharp