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Discussion in 'Schrade Knives Collectors Forum' started by James Y, Aug 11, 2000.

  1. James Y

    James Y

    Feb 18, 1999
    The first pocketknife I ever bought at 13 is a 3 7/8" closed Schrade stockman. It is not an Old Timer nor an Uncle Henry; the shield is simply stamped "Schrade."

    It came in a plastic "tube" not much bigger than the knife itself, and the inner sleeve reads Schrade Walden. I bought it in 1977 at the hardware store.

    Was this a leftover old-style knife? Unfortunately, this knife also taught me about knife care. I ruined the satin finish on the blades by trying to sandpaper off rust that was forming. However, I recently put it to my Spyderco Sharpmaker and put a scary edge on the blades.
  2. Tim Faust

    Tim Faust

    Jul 3, 2000
    Your description for the Schrade Walden knife that you have fits many, many knives that we have manufactured during our 95+ years. Without a model number, it is difficult for us to know exactly which knife you have, but we can help you determine the range of years during which it was manufactured.

    With the inner sleeve being stamped "Schrade Walden", it is our guess that the tang stamp on the blade is probably the same. This would indicate that your knife was manufactured sometime between 1946 and 1973. If the tang stamp is "Schrade Cut. Co.", it would have been manufactured sometime between the last patent year stamped on the knife and 1946, and if the tang stamp is "Schrade" or "Schrade+", it would have been manufactured sometime between 1973 and present.

    I hope this is helpful.

    Tim Faust
    Product Manager
  3. James Y

    James Y

    Feb 18, 1999
    Thanks, Tim!
    I'll try to dig it up again and check for sure (I had bought quite a few Schrades during that period!). [​IMG]
  4. johno


    Aug 12, 1999
    I've picked up a few Schrade stockmans similar to what is described. They are of the same pattern as the Old Timer 8OT large stockman but have faux jigged bone handles of what looks like delrin and the Schrade shield. The tang mark is

    N.Y. U.S.A.

    I was told that they were some left over stock from the 1970s.

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