old style gt vs. new


knife law moderator
Dec 25, 1998
For those GT lovers out there, which do you like better the new tanto gt with the thumb stud or the old clip point with the thumb hole? When I first got into knives I liked tanto blades because they "looked" better. After becoming more educated I like blades with a belly better. While I know that tantos have certain advantages I feel that clip points are more versatile. I was also wondering about the quality. Has it gotten better or worse with the new gt's?
i prefer the old style better. the one with the thumb indentation in the blade. i would carry my GT much more if the clip were standard benchmade ort spyderco.

I agree. I am not crazy about the clip. It doesn't seem to be as secure as the benchmade clips. I would also prefer it to hold the knife lower in the pocket.