Old theme, new twist - knives in movies, used in NON-violent ways


Jan 31, 1999
What movies can you think of where knives were used as pure tools, to cut things other than flesh? I'll start:

US Marshalls - auto used to cut off Tommy Lee Jones' hospital ID bracelet

The Perfect Storm - knife used to cut line and free a drowning man
I can't remember the name of the movie, but it's about this American indian kid named Little Bear. His parents die and he goes to live with his parents, until be taken off to an orphanage. His grandfather goes to the orphange, and uses his knife as a pry bar on the orphange gates, thus rescuing Little Bear. It didn't set much of an example for knife users, but sure looked cool.
In The Edge the knife is used purely as a tool.

Remarkably, the Lyle knife in First Blood is almost exclusively used as a tool. There are a couple of scenes during the posse sequence in which the knife is used to harm one officer and threaten another, but, the emphasis is clearly on the tool aspect.

Not quite a movie, but there's an episode of 'The Simpsons' where Bart becomes a 'Junior Camper' (ie, Boy Scout, but without getting sued by the BSA). A whole scene is devoted to nothing other than knives saving the day, and how great they are, and whatnot.


in "three kings", where mark wahlberg is plasticuffed, and needs to access the valve on a needle in his chest (put there to prevent buildup of pressure after a wound.). Soldier holding him down cuts plasticuffs with an auto(don't recognise the make.)
<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by RH:
What movies can you think of where knives were used as pure tools, to cut things other than flesh? I'll start:

US Marshalls - auto used to cut off Tommy Lee Jones' hospital ID bracelet

The Perfect Storm - knife used to cut line and free a drowning man

In Hannibal, Starling cuts Hannibal out of his restraints just as he's about to be eaten by a bunch of mutated pigs. Perhaps it could be considered questionable judgement to save that individual, but the knife use was non-violent.

A delica is used in the Entrapment to cut a picture out of a frame. Of course the objective in cutting it out is to steal it, but it's still non-violent.
In "Nurse Betty," a movie full of violence, a Schrade Old Timer appears prominently but in a gentle role. The hitman character played by Morgan Freeman used his Old Timer to cut the heroine loose. After freeing her, he holds the knife for awhile, contemplating. Then he folds it up and drops it back in his pocket. All in all, I give the Old Timer's appearance two thumbs up!
I'm just glad an Old Timer wasn't used in the FIRST knife scene in the movie. Not pretty. And it certainly wouldn't have been good PR for Schrade. That was the cool thing about the knife content in the movie, though, a POS-looking dagger was used for the dirty (and I mean DIRTY) work, but an Old Timer was used thoughtfully, to help someone. Subliminal, eh? Hopefully everyone who saw the flick tramped down to Sears to pick up an Old Timer of their own. ;-)
The Grinch used a big bad Kriss Stiletto to carve the Roast Beast...


Do you remember which model OT it was?

That was a great example.

Seven -- Morgan Freeman has a pretty little auto that he uses to cut various non-breathing objects throughout.

The Shawshank Redemption -- pocket knives used to carve messages into a wall.

There's an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer where Oz uses an Endura to trim some wiring or something on some stereo equipment.

Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels -- although he later uses it to threaten a thug, the only thing Soap actually cuts with his big fixed blade is some roast he's preparing in the beginning of the movie.
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Nope, I don't remember. It had a long, slender blade but that doesn't help much. I wouldn't mind seeing the movie again, so if my wife and I rent it, I'll take a closer look. (Be warned, though, this flick won't be everyone's cup of tea - it's bizarre.)
Gone in 60 seconds:
A big folder used by vinnie jones to almost gut this dog who has eaten the keys
Reindeer Games:
A microtech auto used to cut his hands free.

Used to cut the thug's fuel line so he can blow up the car. (well sorts indirectly violent)
The Corruptor - Mark Wahlburg (sp?) uses a tactical looking knife to open a lock (I winced). Seemed somewhat clumsy with it -- used two hands to get the blade out, unnecessarily. I don't remember what the knife was, but it looked familiar at the time.

Desert Blue - Christini Ricci uses a one hand opening knife (spyderco? bad memeory) a couple of times in the movie for utilitarian purposes. OTOH, she liked to blow things up... BTW, this movie is mildly noteworthy for an early, rather nice performance by Kate Hudson.

And there's a fancy persian style fixed blade that appears in Finding Forrester, that never really gets used much, but pops up several times. (The first time it appears, it scares the protagonist somewhat.)

Yeah, I watch a lot of movies, many of them a bit odd.
OK maybe i`m wrong here for two reasons,
1) its not a movie (i hope)
2) its a very poor example,

but when you look for inoffensive, kindly use of a "knife" look at: McGyver!



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one more:
in "Cliffhanger" the Helicopter-pilot used a Spy Endura serrated (out of his boot) to cut a parachutist from a tree.
If i remember right later he handed it to Stallone - he you started my interest i had to look the video again, because there was another fixed knife i could not remember.


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I winced later on in Cliffhanger, when Stallone rammed the blade of the same endura deep into the English guy's lower leg. I mean, that's gotta hurt. I remeber it well, because it's a good example of where a folder that needs two hands to open would be pretty useless. (ok, so it's an unlikely situation, unless you're a Mountain rescue man being chased by a whole bunch of really PO'd criminals


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Speaking of Stallone, he used a Spyderco in "Daylight" to cut himself free before the blades of the vent fan got him (when he was entering the air shafts to get into the tunnel).
Stan Laurel uses a pocket knife to pry the doorbell button off the front of a guy's house in the movie Big Business. Yes, it's a crime, but there is no bodily injury.

In the movie The Gold Rush Charlie Chaplin's little tramp character is at a dance and had trouble with his pants falling down. He grabs a handy piece of rope and ties it around his waist as a makeshift belt, only to discover that there is a large dog tied to the other end of the rope. He cuts the rope to avoid being dragged.

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In the movie ANNOCONDO, Ice Cube used a Spyderco Delica on deck for little things.
Just caught a glimpse of this yesterday on a video the guard at work was watching...I think movie was called wild america where those photographer brothers take off across amrerica looking for critters to photograph I think...anyway the scene I saw showed the three brothers in a boat in a swamp baiting gators..its nite time and one of em goes in the water to check the bait, gets hung up some how and one of the others tosses him a sheath knife...of course it being a movie , he catches it by the handle
and uses it to cut himself free...underwater with the big gator coming after him at same time! if any one else saw this I think I described it right......