Old timey neck PSK

Sep 27, 2009
I've been playing around with sewing waxed canvas (using a speedy stitcher) and came up with a small neck pouch (3x4"), something to slip on under a shirt with a very bare bones "just in case- lost my pack" kit. As exposure is the most likely threat I would face, fire and the ability to fashion a crude shelter is where I concentrated my efforts. With the waxed canvas (and crude sewing:D) I thought keeping it a little old timey was in order as well. A 3/8" ferro rod is pretty tough to beat for reliable spark, even under less than optimal conditions. A reliable striker is important as well. I chose a Wilder Forge multi sparker, has a very traditional look, but also a very innovative design. It's sharpened on one side and throws amazing sparks, the other side is blunt and can be used to get sparks with a chunk of chert. The bottom edge is sharpened and toothed and does a great job of scraping for making tinder. I included a small sliding tin that has a small length of jute; several small sheets of waxed paper that surrounds several fat wood "matches"- these can be scraped or feathered for tinder; two small beeswax candles (used like long burning matches); there was also room in the tin for a sail needle and waxed thread- not overly survival oriented, but could be handy.
I found a nice little brass button compass that might prove invaluable, light and small so it got the nod.

I wanted a small knife and originally was set on a small Opinel which I think would have been a good choice, but thought I'd run an idea by Wilder Forge to come up with a small knife that would compliment their striker. A sharing a few drawings back and forth, I think we came up with a very workable design. The knife is 4.25" overall w/ a 1.75" cutting edge and 1/8" stock so it's plenty stout. Knife came very sharp, it was shaving some very nice curls. While certainly small in hand, it wasn't difficult to control. I'm confident it will be very useful for harvesting limbs as well as prepping tinder
Finally the pouch lanyard consists of ~ 8' of micro cord to use for lashing of a debris shelter.
Everything fits nicely in the pouch and is light enough to hardly notice it's there




thanks gents, it's been fun sewing stuff- I've never as much as sewed a button on, so there was a definite learning curve- the Speedy Stitcher isn't speedy, but the lock stitches are very strong