On Scene Tactical Custom Sheath

Mar 7, 2000
I just recieved my first custom sheath from Eric at On-Scene Tactical.

The craftsmanship is perfect. Every detail was carefully attended to, down to the radius corners that perfectly contour to the hardware on the belt clip.

The belt clip was a little too tight for my belt, but this was easily fixed with a hair dryer (as per Eric's instruction). He also included another clip that allows several different carrying options.

The sheath itself really compliments the knife (Mineral Mountain Hatchet Works JG Tactical). The fit is quite tight- which I like. Soft lines and contours accent the blade and make for a wonderfully sleek carry system.

Eric was a pleasure to work with, and his very resonable price, turn around time (he recieved my knife on a Friday and mailed it back on Monday), and craftsmanship earn him an A+ in my book.


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Very cool sheath kumdo! It does have quality written all over it. Good luck with it.

I've got an Eric sheath and was likewise very satisfied.
That's a great sheath. That's a nice looking knife, too. How do I get ahold of Mineral Mt. Hatchet Works? Anybody got a web address?
E-mail? Phone #?

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Also try searching for "Mineral Mountain" on Ebay. He usually has some knives or swords available there.
I've been in touch with him already and am getting a catalog.

How do you like the knife?

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"And for this cause God shall send them stong delusion,that they should believe a lie;" 2 Thessalonians 2:11
I've said it before, I'll say it again...On Scene Tactical-Great product, Great price, Great service.


I love that knife! Ted created this semi-custom knife to my sepecifications. It's basically his "full penetration" with a tanto tip and bead blast finish. All his knives come with the black parkerization, so let him know if you want another finish. Very cool guy to work with.

I like this knife AT LEAST as much as the Strider WB I just got- and it costs $150, as apposed to Strider's $320!! Great deal for a fantastic, durable workhorse of a knife.

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I might be getting some work done by Eric soon. From what I've seen in pictures, his work is among the finest anywhere.

I recently received a Mineral Mountain Hatchet Works catalog and just ordered the "Tanto speed stick sword" It is a black finished tanto with a 27" oerall length and a 16" blade. It should be here in ten days. I am very excited.


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Hey Kumdo....

Thanks Very much for the Great review....
I'm happy that you like the sheath and hope it serves you well for many years..

Great pictures too..
Mind if I use them on my site ??

To Everyone Else..

Thanks Alot for the Great Support!

Thanks Again..


On/Scene Tactical
Leading The Way In Quality Synthetic Sheathing
Eric- I'm not sure what happened to my post, but here it is again:

Sure, take and post the picture as you'd like!
Eric makes the Best Concealex Sheaths in the Business..
Perfect Fit and Function everytime and satisfaction guaranteed..

Great Guy to deal with also..

Keep up the great work Eric..

Murray Haday
Yup, Eric is DA MAN!! His sheaths are the BEST, and he is GREAT to do business with.


Thanks for the advice on that trade I e-mailed you about.

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