On the Bench - 2019


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Mar 4, 2013
As a hobby knifemaker I don't get much time to work, so weekends are it! These are the first batch back from Peters' HT for 2019. Eight are CPM S110V and one is CPM 10V.

3 x Nessies, 3 x Clip points, 2 x sheepsfoot and 1 x necker persian. All at 63-64RC. I typically do majority of hand sanding and finish work pre HT, taking the blades all the way to 2000 grit, then backing off to whatever grit I want after heat treat. Most also have tapered tangs.

I freehand grind all blades on a Pheer 2 x 72 (much better than my old Craftsman 2x42).

What do you all think?




First let me say thank you for your service!

I find the shapes of your blades very pleasing to the eye and not knowing the intended purpose I can't comment on the shape, or hardness vs the intended use. They should cut well and I'm guessing retain an edge well.

2000 grit (is this P2000?) prior to heat treat may be excessive but definitely won't hurt.
With the tapered tang you could probably cut back on some of the holes, but they won't hurt.

Up to this point I'd say you were right where you should be prior to finishing the blades and putting on grips.
I look forward to seeing them finished and seeing what you do for sheathes.
Jim A.
They look great. Waiting on a batch coming back from Peters my own self.
Hi guys. Thanks for the comments. Brad and his team do Rockwell tests on every blade they heat treat and I look for the dimple tell tale sign of a tester. Had these run a few points harder to see how they do at that hardness compared to the 61-62 I have had done in the past. These are all 3.5 inches and shorter.

I agree that 2000 is a bit overkill, but if I decide I want a high gloss hand satin, I'd rather not fight those high carbide steels :)...been doing it like this for years now.
Here is that small sheepsfoot blade EDC all done and sheathed. .155 thick S110V with LVA Carbon Fiber, titanium Corby/Lanyard tube with red G10 pin and red/black G10 liners on the tapered tang. Finish sanding at 800 grit.