One month with Whitewing.

Jan 17, 1999
My son and I recently picked up two very fine "production" knives from Bailey Bradshaw's company, Whitewing. I put production in quotes on purpose. These are very well done knives. They rate well above any large scale production piece I have had of this style. I picked up a lockback and my son a single blade trapper both with stag scales. My son carries his daily as do I and we have been giving them a workout to the best of our ability. If you are looking for a traditional folder with all the hallmarks of a custom, these are the way to go.

The lockback I have is flat ground to a very thin edge and is a front lock design. In the month or so I have used it on camping trips making tent pegs and fuzz sticks, kitchen duty on veggies and meats, on about a sixty cardboard boxes after moving a friend, fingernails and leather, cordura 22 and 24 gauge telephone wire, and anything else I could think to use it for. It looks like this one from Chris Carlson's site:


Here are my thoughts on my knife:

1. Setting aside my favorite WH Spearpoint to ensure the Whitewing was my sole user was a hard thing to do...

2. It got much easier as the month went on. (I love this new knife!)(Did I mention how nice the stag is on these puppies?)

3. I may just be my sharpening style but CPM3V seems to get these little micro chips at less than 20 degrees per side if used on hard items. I really noticed this after doing some oak for a potlatch on a campout. You can feel the chips but just barely see em'.

4. It is harder for me to sharpen 3V than ATS34 or 440V. When I do finally get it sharp it slices like a demon...

5. I have to take care of this stuff every few days with some sort of lubricant/oil (3V develops teeny tiny rust spots like Oprah on a baked ham.)

6. A lockback in the pocket better be in a lint free pocket if it is a lockback with tight tolerances. (I have been cleaning the lint trap more often cause the wife could care less about outside influences and knife reliability...)

7. Bailey Bradshaw has great customer service. Period.

8. Whitewing makes a hell of a nice knife.

9. I must order another. Maybe the warlock? Maybe the Pearl or Ivory?


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May 16, 2000
Sam, there will be a good selection of whitewing warlocks,small lock blades and maybe small trappers at my show on August 4,5,6. Not to mention lots of other good knives. I carry my Lightwing every day clipped inside my back pocket, I work outside so you can imagine the sweating I do and believe it or not I have not seen a speck of rust yet. Any way I hope to see you at the show.

Jan 17, 1999

With regard to the rust, I had the same problem with a D2 bladed folder and I think it has to do with my body chemistry. I kill wrist watches and rust almost anything except gold... The SS on the bolsters and other parts don't show any problems though. I don't see it as a problem, it just needs a bit more maintainance than my ATS folders. Its worth the extra bit of effort.