One more time .. Switchback?

Feb 4, 1999
The question has been asked before but not in a while soooooo

Has anyone found out who made the knife in the movie Switchback?


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Amazing! I thought we would know the id of this piece by now! I'm starting to think it was a prop and nothing more. Problem is, it looks to good to be a prop. It reminds me of several maker's work, but I still can't id it. I've slowmode and still framed it to anal limits and all I can testify to is this; full tang, integral guard, sharpened(or at least beveled) false-edge, wee-hawk type blade profile, mirror finish. Looks to be 7-8" blade length, fairly wide,I'd say 1 1/2" or so. Almost like an old Pacific Cutlery Fer-De-Lance on steroids.
Anyone got a clue?