One reason to like Cold Steel

Feb 6, 2000
They sell a Loveless Sub-Hilt fighter(OSS) for less than $100. How many others have you ever seen?
Safe Keeper 2: IMO the best production push dagger currently available

Desperado: a great designed fighting knife
I got hooked on CS a while back, after I started working at SMKW. I would see the prices and think:

"There is no way that is as good a quality as they say it is."

Then I got the opportunity to work in or showroom for a couple of days and got to handle many of the knives I had not seen before. That is when I developed my affection for CS. I own the Hombre (biggest folder I own), and the Oyabun (only fixed blade I have bought in the last year or so).

I take the Hombre with me everytime I go Fly Fishing and have even used it to behead a snake, while in the Little River in Townsend TN.

If any of you are hesitating about CS go for it. Great knives and a great price. You could do a lot worse from a factory.

My $.02
Another company that produces good knives and markets then at the correct price point. I believe this is the key to their success rather than the hype. Yes, you can do a lot worse from a factory.
Cold Steel is kinda what got me into the big world of knives. Before I was a knife knut, I was all set to go to my summer job in the rockies. I started carrying a folder a few weeks previous and realized how USEFUL carrying a knife around was! I thought while I was in the bush I should go wander around there alot, and I figured I'd need a fixed blade, nice and big like. On the net I went, found Cold Steel, and ordered an LTC kukri.

Yes, they do make some awesome blades for the money. You can't really go wrong pickign up a Bush Ranger, SRK or Recon Tanto for a tough, servicable outdoor working knife. Some of their blades are pound-for-pound champs in my opinion.
The master hunter is another good reason to like Cold Steel. But the main reason I like Cold Steel is that they are not afraid to market a high quality carbon steel (Carbon V) as an alternative for us reactionaries who happen to prefer it.
Cold Steel offers some of the very best fixed blades your gonna find for the price.
I'm talking about the Carbon V blades of course.
The SRK is one of the best do-all blades you can find for the price you pay for one.
I am impressed enough with CS's Carbon V that I bought 2 SRK's, 2 Master Hunters, a Trail Master(very nice blade on this beast) a Recon Tanto and a Kobun in Carbon V.
I'll be getting a Bush Ranger and probably a Gurkha Kukri in the near future.:D

CS's fixed blades are great bang for the buck IMO.;)

Oh! BTW, the CS Bushman is about the best beater blade you are ever gonna find for under $20.00 These are really worth checking out.
My number one abuse knife is an older model Large size Voyager Tanto. It keeps going and going.
The number one knife in my collection is a Cold Steel Imperial Damascus Tanto. It was my desire to own an Imperial Tanto that started me in knife collecting. It took me ten years to finally get one.
When price DOES matter, especially in fixed blades, CS is the way to go. They offer decent quality & fit, some of the sharpest out-of-the-box edges from any commercial mfr, and a huge variety of fixed/folder, small/med/large/x-large/"Now THAT'S a knife!" large/"Oh My God, that thing is HUGE!!!" mondo-size, tanto/clip, hi-carbon/stainless, tactical/utility configurations to suit any- and every-one's taste. All at a price you don't have to hock your whole family down the river to afford.

Oh .... Uh .... wait. You said "One reason to like Cold Steel." How about "All of the above!" as a good enough reason?

It's funny, in a way. I own blades from well-known & highly respected makers. But somehow that darn Cold Steel 4" tanto point stainless Voyageur has been showing up in my front pocket for years. And it's still there today. Yeah, it's not the baddest blade I carry. But its light weight, inconspicuous carry, modest replacement cost should I ever lose it, and the overall utility of its size keep it on my short list of EDC blades. Go figure. :)
Big knives, small prices. I've been a fan and a user for about 14 years and have never been dissappointed. Ignore the hype, or just treat it for what it truly is -- Lynn Thompson making a career out of having fun. More power to him.
:) It's tough to name another knifemaker/designer who has come up with as many versatile and innovative knife designs and associated products. Lynn T. challenged the industry when he introduced Carbon V and has continued to produce innovative new blades. I only own about a dozen, though. And Lynn, I'm still waiting for that Voyager in Carbon V (4" clip, please, and hurry).