One-Zero XR?

I don't have one. But if I were to get one I'd make sure to get it from a SOG Authorized Dealer to ensure
that it will be covered by warranty.
I‘ve got one.

Standout feature for me is the incredibly smooth open / close action. This is my first knife that has this level of buttery action. Lot of fun, feels quality.

Way easier for me to spydie flick it open with my middle finger than any of my Spydercos (eg Para 3), but that could be due to my Spyderco knives not being as smooth, or (more likely) my Spyderco technique needing some coaching,

Love the hidden fasteners. Just right jimping and good scales texturing/grip. Overall build quality / fit and finish is excellent.

Only thing I’m maybe a little less stoked on is that it’s heavier than I expected. I didn’t check weight prior to buying so my expectation issue is 100% on me.

At 4.75 oz weighs slightly more than a mini Adamas (4.5 oz). Not a completely bad thing as the heft gives it a confident / solid feel. Just know it’s not a relatively lightweight EDC, or a knife you won’t notice carrying in say relatively thinner shorts.

Overall, a great knife. Feels every bit as good, and better in some ways, than comparably priced Spydercos & Benchmades.

I own two other SOG knives: one that I’m really happy with (Kiku XR LTE), and one I don’t see keeping long-term in my collection (Zoom Carbon assisted opening).

Very happy to see SOG raising their design bar with this one and making a knife in this style. Excited to see what’s next.

And hopefully we’ll soon see some pro reviews of this knife. It deserves attention.