Ones that got away. :(


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Nov 28, 1999
Ok, how about knives that, for one reason or another, you were forced to get rid of and now miss badly? All of the knives I have in my hand or on my person are now sadly gone. The Fisk bowie, for monetary reasons, the neck knife and the crossdraw belt knife were sold to good friends, who just HAD to have them! Lets hear it for the ones that are gone, but not forgotten.
Spyderco Police model. All steel serrated. I promised a friend of mine I would give it to him when I got a new folder besides, who needs to carry more than one knife? ugh:eek: Well I got anothe folder so the Spydie went to him. That was about 4 years ago, and I've regretted it since the day I did it. That was my first real knife, and the one that started me in this hobby. I'm still trying to get it back from him.

Hmmm, bad time for me to see this topic :) I'm selling my Lan-Cay clear bayonet to raise funds, and I know that as soon as its shipped I'll be in tears.

Now back to the present, I really miss my Benchmade Tanto AFCK Prototype, and I mean in a bad bad way. Even when I sold that knife, I never expected to miss it this much, its like my whole collection just isn't the same anymore...
Hi.... sad topic, but good one.. don't think this has ever come up before.

now.. for me I quit trading because it hurt too much to send off my knives. And buying is not really an option (european), soooo... :D

Which do I regret most... hmm.. my Spydie endura, my Spydie starmate (nr 617) and my BM 940 (nr 636). Soo... if whoever has them now, Please contact me!