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Only Custom?

Oct 3, 1998
Does anyone here buy only custom knives? I have been purchasing knives for some time now. I used to buy a lot of Spydercos and every Benchmade that they came out with. Now, it takes a lot for a factory knife to get me excited about purchasing it. I tend to spend more time and money on custom or handmade knives.

Anyone else purchase primarily custom knives?

It is funny I have just done the opposit. I used to buy only customs and now with the advances and choices in the Factory knife market I find myself buying more factory users. Especially those that match the customs I already have.

Life is funny.



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To me it was the natural progression of being a knife knut. I started with inexpensive factory knives, then moved to more expensive factory knives, then on to customs. But with all the great factory/custom collaboration knives, the line is blurring.
Well, I guess that depends on what you consider custom. I've pretty much given up on "factory" knives, even the best thereof, such as Benchmade.

Although a good factory knife would most likely be good enough to do anything I would ask of it, I am now concentrating on better knives, and have a Busse, a Randall and a Chris Reeve Sebenza on order (having cancelled my Mad Dog order due to recent developments in McClung's customer service.)

What brought me to this mindset is my Chuck Ward lockback. Whenever I bought another factory knife after that, all I could think was "gosh, for what I paid for this knife I could make a deposit on a really good knife, one that I'd be proud of the rest of my life." I sure am glad that my first experience buying a custom knife was so positive.

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I buy maybe one production folder a year. I can't see myself spending money on a factory piece when I know that I can always find a custom maker who will make the roughly the same knife (usually better in one or more ways), pay personal attention to the process, and make sure everything is precisely to my satisfaction.