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Ontario Bagwell Bowies

Although the Ontario Hell's Belle is the only one with that name, The Fortress and Midnight are "Hell's Belles" as well, they are just a half inch shorter in blade length with different finishes. Bill Bagwell's custom Hell's Belles vary in blade length according to the size, weight, and other attributes of the person who originally ordered the knife from Bill. Example: most of my custom Bagwell Hell's belles have blades around 10.75" (I'm 5'9", 160lbs); one of my customers (6'3", 250lbs) has a Belle with a blade that is 11.4"; median length for Bagwell Hell's Belles is around 11", so that's the length that was decided on for Ontarios flagship production version of Bill Bagwell's custom knife. I fit a bunch of custom Bagwells (as well as Ontarios) with my Southern Comfort sheath, and have handled more custom Bagwells than anyone outside of Bill himself, so feel that I can pretty well speak with authority on this subject.
Here's two different custom Bagwell Hell's Belles for comparison. The shorter is one of mine.
It seems that you have adequately answered JR's question. I just thought I'd drop a comment in his thread to say that your sheaths look awesome and if I ever get a Hell's Bell, I would certainly call you for a sheath.:thumbup: