Ontario Broad Point Survival

Feb 28, 1999
I just received Ontario Broad Point Survival (ON-SP9). It has a smatchet type blade of blackened 1095 and came with a nylon/leather sheath. The blade length is actually 5 15/16", really near to the nominal 6" length. Blade width is 1 5/8" and thickness 3/16". But what surprised me is that despite its broad blade this knife is balanced! It is just a little butt heavy, and is actually something between a small smatchet and a very broad dagger. It came sharp out of the box, and the tip is needle sharp. Probably does not penetrate as well as a dagger, but has a lot of belly on both sides for slashing and cutting. I consider this one of the "best buys" for $25.56 from Discount Knives. Anyone else who owns this knife here? Ossi
I'm waiting for Ontario to offer a full sized Smatchet. When their people finally learn how to make a proper saber grind, and stop sharpening at 80 degree angles, they will be making a pretty good knife out of the box that doesn't require a lot of file work to put on a descent edge. - Brian