Ontario Hell's Belle owners - help!

Daniel L

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Nov 2, 1998
Hi all,

I purchased an OHB which I returned because the blade "creaked" when swinging and the guard creaked when you twisted it a little - as if the epoxy inside was cracked - I just recieved the replacement which has got the same problem!! (If I hold the knife and flex the knife left and right very lightly I can hear the squeaking sound as well)

The creaking sounds isn't loud, and there is hardly any play in the blade... but it is disconcerting for "the finest production bowie".

Is this normal for the OHB? Or did I get 2 duds in a row? (The replacement has excess epoxy coming out of the guard but still has the same problem....)

I'd appreciate comments from exisitng OHB owners...


Actually I'm going to be returning the knife - it now has a "clicking" sound when I shake the knife left and right.

Still, I'd be interested to hear if anyone else has had QC problems.

No problem with mine. And it's been put through the paces by Mario/Gaucho and me in various cutting tests.

Send it back. It doesn't sound right, literally and figuratively.

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Hells Belles with a loose blade??
I sure hope not!!

I know that you're going to hate to do it again but if it were me I'd return it.

A knife of that quality, price, and reputation should not be associated with these kinds of problems.
Hopefully you got the only two "lemons" in the bunch.

--The Raptor--


Your problems with the OHB are not the norm for this series. I have three and have had several pass through my hands for sheaths, and none of them exhibited the problems you speak of - send it back. The only production problems I know of, were that some of the very first knives did not have a properly sharpened clip. Ontario stood behind their product and fixed or replaced them.

Gee Mike..my production one has a loose guard and it has the clicking noise as well..I've never used it but after reading the post I went to actually take it out of the box..its been there since it was given to me....
as I was waiting patiently for my custom Helles Belles..
I'll send it back attention JW...
must be that first production run..LOL..
Ontario makes great stuff..
anyone can have little glitches..

So yes,if EVER you have a Knife with a problem..send it back.,,People like Ontario stand behind their products!!!!!
Thanks guys - the problem with returns is that I live in New Zealand and I have to buy knives from the US, so there's always cost in shipping. Once I've sent this back, I'm up for $US70 already and still no knife (that works)!

I'm just deciding my options now...

BTW I have ordered the new Sandbar Bowie from Newt Livesay - gotta get my bowie shot from somewhere (and I'm pretty confident Newt's stuff will be top notch.)


Thanks for settling my mind that I wasn't just being picky!


Another option would be to contact the seller and let him deal with the distributor and or factory. A defective knife is not what you paid for. On the Sandbar Bowie - with Jerry VanCook's input on design it should be a winner. He knows his stuff!


What size is your custom Belle?