Ontario Rat-5 in D2

Jun 5, 2006
Well, the subject is the subject.

Is D2 good for a 5 1/4" blade, or should I get the 1095?

(Yes, I know they don't make one. ;) )

I Absolutely Love D2,i Work With It All The Time As A Tool&die Maker.it's Very A Tuff Steel And It Will Take A Razor Edge.it Should Be A Little More Resistant To Rust,than 1095,as Well.
Well Chewy, there's a thread on here trying to get enough people to say they'd like a RAT-5 in D2. Hopefully that would convince Ontario to make one.

See, they have the RAT-3 and RAT-7 in D2, but they left the RAT-5 (which in my opinion is the best size [for me]) offered only in 1095. That's ok if you like the 1095 carbon, but it just doesn't make sense to leave the RAT-5 out of the D2 lineup.