Ooooh, a SWAT holster for Police model (!)

Good grief ..... And now ... he's relisted this wonder combo for $90 .... :eek: What a bargain.

Someone should report this to Ebay as fraud. He is misrepresenting the item.
I think it's more comical than fraudulent...if I were to advertise a pocket protector as a "flexible covert-sheath for my police model knife" am I really wrong? What if that's just what some buyer on ebay thinks they want?

Caveat emptor is mentioned by ebay, and free enterprise should still allow for SOME creative marketing. I will also freely admit to having made at least one or two bone-headed purchases on ebay over the years. Sometimes sellers do a great job of packaging a piece of junk as cool, and folks bid & buy. Fraud is one thing, but it's still my obligation as a buyer to use some sense, or risk foolish parting with dollars.

I see only a (sort-of) creative adaptation of a keyholder to ill-fit the knife in question. The lucky buyer might get this set-up & walk around quite satisfied for years.

Still funny to me... ;)