ooops....i think.

Jul 14, 2000
ok,ive been grinding on a giant chunk of d2,already been heat treated.
i was grinding on it the other day,and i noticed the shavings are sticking to it! its gone magnetic. is this good or bad? can i reverse it with stuff around the house? blowtorch or oven?
BTW-its going to be a giant wharncliff.if i can manage to finish it in time ill bring it to blade. the only grinding im doing is on the edge,other wise it would take forever and a ton of belts to flat grind it.
Mo,a couple of passes over a demagnatizer would do it.Harbor Freight sells them,cheap,or if you know any knifemakers living near you,they might have one.Most do.

good! so its not messed up? i dont have to re-heat treat it or anything?
No,not from magnatizing the blade.What I dont know, is what temps., you are getting that already heat treated steel to.Try to keep the heat down while grinding.


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im not getting it too gets hot enough to burn skin on contact,but no color changes or anything,plus i keep a water bucket nearby and dip it every so often. it doesnt get to hot,but how the hell did i get it to go magnetic?
Laying it next to/on a running elect.,motor will do it,there may be other causes that I am not aware of,but it has happened to me on many occasions,then when you drill the stuff,your drill bits get magnatized.Thats why most makers have a demagnatizer.As long as you are not discoloring the metal you should be ok.Skin will start to burn at 125 deg.,really feels great at 160,but you would have to get it in the 400 deg.,range to hurt it.Keep using your bare hands,it's a good heat indicator.Just be careful.

thanks mike.
my grinder is something that bob ogg rigged up in the 60's or 70's..yes its that old!
still runs perfectly. its basically a frame with two wheels and a washing machine motor mounted on a lays flat,instead of horizontally,but i like it. i got it in a trade with max,and boy im sure enjoying it...even though the first night i had it i overloaded the circuit and got a good shock!

thanks again mike,
future knife maker.