Oops! A miscommunication story...

Jan 23, 1999
I went camping with my fiance this weekend. We had just set up camp somewhere in Summit County Colorado. It was a lovely spot... I had just finished cutting and stacking the wood for the night's fire. I was using my Himalayan Imports 15" Ang Khola- she had never payed any attention to it before and made a "wow, looks like you've got the big knife category taken care of" comment. I said something like, " Almost, all I need now is a Busse Battle Mistress." All of the sudden the wilderness got quite... I looked up and knew something was wrong. "A busty battle mistress!" she says! What?! I practically fall over laughing- apparently not the prudent thing to do, by the way. :) Oops! Next time I know to just say, "Actually, there is another big knive I want."
Oh, the Rennaisance Festival is in town- maybe that subconciously effected her hearing. :)
Maybe she's noticed you pause on Zena a little too long when channel surfing. :)

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